Create & add a LinkUp to blogger

This lesson takes you through the process of creating a collection in the administration interface of InLinkz and putting in in your Blogger blog.


Sign in

Sign in your account with your email and password.

Figure 1.

Figure 2.


Add a collection

add a LinkUp to blogger

Figure 3.


Fill in the required data

1) The name which will be displayed on your dashboard

2) The text that will show up on your blog just before your entries


add a LinkUp to blogger

Figure 4.


3) Duration:  (start and 4) end) of submissions. After that no links can be submitted.


add a LinkUp to blogger

Figure 5.


5) Choose whether your collection will be a text-only or a thumbnail collection (choosing type will focus the apropriate selections underneath)


add a LinkUp to blogger

Figure 6.


6) Check if you want to get an email each time a user submits a link

7) Click submit and you will instantly be transfered to the page where you can get the script and add a LinkUp to blogger blog


add a LinkUp to blogger

Figure 7.


Get the script (Select and copy)

add a LinkUp to blogger

Figure 8.


Paste it while in Edit HTML mode

If you are not in HTML edit mode, the code will not be entered correctly.

add a LinkUp to blogger

Figure 9.


Then, publish your post.

add a LinkUp to blogger

Figure 10.


Now it is working!!!

Press the froggy button to add a link yourself (you can delete it later on)

add a LinkUp to blogger

Figure 11.


Enter a Link

add a LinkUp to blogger

Figure 12.


1) Add your blog URL or your flickr page.

2) add your name (it will be displayed under the thumbnail if you selected so in the dashboard).

3) add your email so the owner of the blog can communicate with you.

4) choose a picture from the blog/flickr page you entered in (4).


Select a picture from those on the page you entered!

Just click “select” on the picture..


add a LinkUp to blogger

Figure 13.


Click on “Done“.

Choose (1)

add a LinkUp to blogger

Figure 13.

That’s all, the link is there with the thumbnail.


add a LinkUp to blogger

Figure 14.

Well, now you are done.. But what happens if you now want to DELETE the link? Let’s go back to the dashboard!


At the dashboard

Press “Go to the dashboard” to go there.


add a LinkUp to blogger

Figure 15.



At the dashboard

Press “View/Edit/Delete links

add a LinkUp to blogger

Figure 16.


Deleting a link

Here you see your links. There is only the one we added earlier.

Just press “Delete“, say “OK” to the dialog and away it goes!!!!

add a LinkUp to blogger

Figure 17.



You can go create your own collection in InLinkz main page.



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76 Responses to Create & add a LinkUp to blogger

  1. Jeri says:

    Love the colorful artwork – here goes for the new link!!

  2. Chief says:

    does this work for WordPress as well as blogger. Do I just add it to my html?

    • admin says:

      Hi! It does work on self-hosted WordPress and there you just add the script you get to your HTML. In unfortunately, as all the linkies, it does not.!

    • Emily says:

      When you say add it to your html, do you mean like a widget that you can add html to? Thank you

    • admin says:

      No, you don’t need to create a new HTML widget. Just add it to the rest of the HTML of your post, displayed in the post editor, while in HTML mode (not preview).

  3. Nikki says:

    How can I delete a collection/meme?

    • admin says:

      Hi Nikki,

      you can delete a whole collection from your dashboard. There is a link “delete” under each collection you have.
      If this collection is used to define a meme too (you gave it a meme name when you created it) then, the meme will disappear from
      the drop down box too. It does not affect any other collections even if they are based on the meme just deleted.

      Do not forget to remove the script from your post or else, there will be a froggy there, saying that the author has removed the collection.



  4. Just tried the thumbnails for the first time today with my weekly carnival. I already have 120 and going strong. I’ve been having to play with it as the day has gone on and just had to change from 4 to 3 columns. Now I would like to make the thumbnails a bit bigger, but I don’t see that option after it’s already been posted. Can this be done or does it have to be selected only prior to starting?
    thanks…love this new feature.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jen,

      Unfortunately you can’t change the size of the pictures once the collection has been created.

      BTW, on creation time again, there is an option to allow your users to enter up to a predefined number of characters for the name/description field. So they won’t get too creative 🙂
      This way you can protect your layout from people who write LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG names/descriptions!

  5. Larry H. says:

    I just created my first linky for Cakeblast called Tons O’ Fun Tuesday Giveaways. My only problems are that I added a background color in the textbox, and was then unable to delete it. There is no option for no bg color (usually indicated by a square box with a line going through it).

    My only other concern is that I cannot figure out how to resize the container for the links or adjust the color to match my site. I love the ease of use, but would like to see more customization features, or a way to directly edit the html/css.

    • admin says:

      Hi Larry,

      I checked the database and there is no background color there (only an empty span with white background). The difference you see is due to the fact
      that your stylesheet renders tables this way and InLinkz uses tables to layout the links (so they are even-sized vertically.)

      InLinkz was written to be non-intrusive as possible, so no css is used other than yours. This way, InLinkz seems like a part of your site and not a frame
      thrown in the middle of nowhere with different colours.

      I would suggest to tweak your css to make the tables as you like them. And InLinkz will use the table css for rendering.

      Regarding the resize of the container, again, InLinkz just uses a div to put its stuff inside. So the behavior of the div css affects the behavior of InLinkz itself.

      Much thought has been given to adding css/html options but the primary goal of InLinkz, is to be a part of your site without any effort.



  6. Jan says:

    I’m finding this a bit frustrating. All I see is instructions, but no place to go to actually enter the information to get it started. grrrrrr…..

  7. LisaB. says:

    I want to create a collection of my own posts on my blog for certain labels/pages.

    My question is, how can I set the collection so I am the only one who can add a link (the new link would be a new post on my blog in the future)?

    Once the collection is closed, can you reopen it?

    • admin says:

      Of course you can re-open it, preview it from your dashboard and close it again. (actually set the expiration time in the past)

      this way it will be open for very little time..

      When in preview, you can freely add links as you wish…

  8. Jami says:

    I’ve done all the steps to create the collection and copy and pasted the code into the HTML window on Blogger. It’s not showing up in edit mode or Blogger preview- is this normal?

    I’m not publishing until Tuesday and thought I’d schedule it now, but I’m worried that I can’t see the preview.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi Jami,

      Blogger does not show

  9. Connie says:

    I have 2 links on the blog but I’m sure one is a double, but neither one of them work. How can I delete the 2 not working?

    • admin says:

      You can always go to your dashboard and click “moderate links”. There you can either edit or delete whatever you wish

  10. Tammy says:

    I was curious if you could add 2 seperate links to the same post? One for a follow and one for a giveaway but not have to write a seperate post.

    Also if there are two of us hosting can we both use the same HTML coding so that we have the same information on both blogs?

    • admin says:

      Well, on the same collection it is not possible to enter two exactly same URLs. What you can do is add an anchor to your post (that HTML thingie that appears as #name-of-anchor on the URL) and send the second link there.

      Of course you can put the same URL on as many different collections as you like.

      About the html code, yes you can share it with other blogs and this way all blogs see all submissions without any restrictions. And all blogs can add to the collection as well.



  11. I have the exact same question as Jami above, but your answer wasn’t clear to me. Do you mean it just doesn’t show in preview mode? Or it doesn’t show at all? I’m confused. I have a contest coming up in a few days and I’m trying to schedule it.

    thank you

    • admin says:

      Well my answer wasn’t clear enough because it was not the full answer

      Well, in blogger, it does not show in preview mode. Not even in compose mode. The only thing you can do to make sure that the collection will be visible at the time the post gets aired, is to have the tag in your html.. Then it will show.
      The other thing people usually do is to just create another blog (e.g. where you can test whatever you wish so you can be sure of its behaviour before something gets online…


  12. LiLing Pang says:

    I was wondering if the links generated are follow or no follow links.

    • admin says:


      The links are plain links (follow). It could be made as an option though if there is such requirement



  13. Linda J says:

    Hi I am new to this new Mr Linky and I seem to be having trouble it, I fill out the form and wait for my image to show but it never does so I put it in by the direct URL or from my computer then I go to see if it has worked but when I press on the link to take me to my page their is no post there

    I put it nin like this

    but it does not work, any help would be appriciated.


  14. I regularly have problems with my thumbnails showing up. On one blog, it’ll post; on another, it won’t. I select, crop, click okay, and only thing that shows is your logo.

    All my pics are web-optimized and are small files. And I’ve tried different Name titles, shorter, etc.

    Please advise as I love linking up to your hosts.

    • admin says:

      Hi Colleen,

      Usually, some problems like this can be fixed by using firefox. Please do try using firefox if you are not already using it (it is a much better experience browsing with firefox anyway :). Moreover, could you please send me an example of a failed attempt (the blog you submitted, the URL you submitted etc) so I can check it out?



  15. Jennifer McGuire says:

    I would like to be able to create links to products on the bottom of my blog. I set the date to the past, but how do I add the links?

  16. Céline says:

    i haven’t yet put inlink on my blog before i want to know how can make the personn who not have URL blog code to participate ?

    • admin says:

      Well, if you have text links, there is no check on what someone writes on the URL text so anyone can join, even if he has nothing and writes his name. In the case of thumblinks, the user must provide a valid URL address that contains images. This can be a blog or a flickr page or whatever site in the net that does not need a login to access the page.

  17. Theresa says:

    I created a link and posted it to my blog just fine. I want to be able to share the code for others to use on their blog as they participate. How do I post code for them to share link? Or Is there a special way to write the code so they can copy and paste it to their blogs and the link then be on their side bar? I hope this makes sense thanks in advance for the help!!

    • admin says:

      Well, the same code you put on HTML mode to display the collection, you can put in preview mode to show it to others and let them copy and paste it on their blogs.

      In HTML mode, it gets executed and displays the collection. In preview mode, blogger understands that you want to display it and not execute it and it shows it as is.

  18. Becolorful says:

    I am trying to link up at a party – the 39th Power of Paint party at Domestically Speaking. I have entered numerous of these but when I want to proceed and submit my thumbnail there is text in front of the submit thumbnail image and it won’t allow me to proceed.
    Please advise

    • admin says:

      Hi Pamela,

      You can try linking up with another browser. Each browser has his own interpretation of how it will handle certain things and Explorer is the worst one on interpreting them the right way.

      Chrome and Firefox are usually the best choice out there.

  19. admin says:

    Top right, just beside the follow on twitter button.

  20. why isn’t the collection directly on my blog post. I don’t want to navigate from the page.???? This is my first blog party…help???

    • admin says:

      The code you put on your blog is for blogs hosted on (eg Since you are self-hosted (or third-party hosted, it is the same thing), you can put the code for blogger and self hosted sites. This is the code you get from the top text box on the “get script” link. This will put the collection right into your post.

  21. jill says:

    Can I use this with Windows Live Writer? I don’t post through blogger anymore. I write all post in Live Writer and then publish from there.


    • admin says:

      LiveWriter wipes out the scripts in the page, you will have to add the scripts afterwards through blogger or wordpress

    • jill says:

      that is what i thought and then blogger messes up my fonts spacing and everything else. sigh…

  22. delcasmx says:

    Is it possible to have my inlinks have the nofollow metatag?

    also, how to change the size of the thumbnails after I created my collection, is it possible?

    • admin says:

      contrary to popular belief, linkies do not count as a source for incoming links when it comes to search engines. So, even if I put my link to a thousand linkies (whomever the provider of the tool), when e.g. google comes to search, it is like the SCRIPT tag you put, is not there at all.

      In the first days of InLinkz, we decided to drop the follow/noFollow issue completely and have dynamic links on the collections so the owner of the blog will have the ability to see the link usage. If you hover your mouse over a link in InLinkz collections, you will see a link like . This goes to inlinkz site, retrieves the stored link from the database and updates click and view statistics. Then it forwards the user browser to the stored address. You can see that if google actually counted the script links, with thousands of users out there using InLinkz, we would have millions of incoming links to us and our ranking would be awesome but as I stated at the beginning, this is not the way it works.

      The only way you can give your users some links is, after the end of the collection, to export the collection to pure HTML (inlinkz has this ability ofcourse) and put this HTML in the place the tag was. This way they will have the real deal links back to them.

      As for the size of the thumbnails, it cannot be changed once it has been selected neither on the free nor on the extended accouts. This is done because in order to get a good quality thumbnail, you have to resize to the target resolution and not keep a big size resizing it on the browser because it appears pixelized

      Hope to have clarified the issue a bit!

  23. sally says:

    I am new to inlinkz.

    I have blog candy that I want to promote on my blog.
    I did not realise at first you had to write your info about this in the description box instead of on my blog.

    I am ok with the typing part BUT cannot upload my two pictures from my laptop!!

    Any info greatly welcomed.
    I need an idiot proof guide Lol

    • admin says:

      Hi Sally,

      there is no limitation on where to write your info. You can just write whatever you want in your blog post and use InLinkz to only receive the links.

      If you want though, to display pictures in your description, you have to link to them. That means that you have to upload them somewhere else first so as they are available as a link on the internet and then you can use them inside the description. If you use direct links to the images in your laptop, nobody will be able to see them.

  24. Tina says:

    Hi – I have a linky on my blog @ and when people click on “Add a Link” it opens up a new page and they are taken back to the Home page on my blog. (So now I have 2 pages open) Also, I am unable to crop any of my images for the linky (when adding an image to the linky) – I just get a little frog head (I think that’s what it is) Thoughts?


    • admin says:

      Hi, Your description contains an unclosed link tag which converts the rest of your site to a link. You can go to your dashboard, click edit collection and ,in the descrition field, edit the content so it closes all tags. Also make sure it is under 1000 letters, including all HTML tags, so it won’t get cut off, leaving you opened tags. Let me know if you need any assistance

  25. Juste says:

    I can log in to my inlinkz only from my own computer. But when i’m away and don’t have possibility to have my computer, I can’t login from different computer. Where is a problem? Maybe there are some options that I should change in other computers to login to my inlikz? Thankds for answer.

    • admin says:

      Yes, you have to have cookies enabled to any browser you are going to login from. Otherwise, it will forget that you logged in and it will show you again the non-logged-in form.

  26. Hi. I have submissions in my collection, but the “inlinkz logo” shows zero. It never used to do this before. What’s up? 🙂 Thanks

    • admin says:

      Just hit refresh (F5). They’ll show up. Your browser has cached the image. The submissions display normally to the rest of us! 🙂

  27. Sam Simpson says:

    are you able to link FROM Picasaweb? I ran a comp a couple of weeks back and I had older customers and those with no blogs that wanted to participate. They emailed me their pictures and I uploaded them into Picasaweb (under a different username to my blog acct). I could link the pictures ok, but when I clicked on them in the thumbnail, there was an error message. I am now finding this exact problem on another site too. I am assuming that you can’t load form Picasaweb. If not, what are the other various platforms from which you can link from? Assuming that a blog is out of the question.

    • admin says:

      Hi Sam!

      You can link to picassa pictures but there is indeed a catch. You have to link to pictures that are publicly available. otherwise, while you may be able to select them, because you are logged in, other people will not see them because the credentials used to access the picture if it is not public (username, pass) are not stored within the link or picture. So you send them to a locked pic and thus the inability to view the picture.

      This can happen to everything that requires a password to view the result. Facebook private pics are another nice example. (And of course, flickr, locked blogger blogs and forums that require access).

      Hope i have shed some light into the matter.

  28. Anna says:

    curious im in a blog hop and they are saying we have to change our size of our whole blog to post the link list on our post on blogger but there has to be a way to resize the linky list so it fits on all blogs right?

  29. Marina bromley says:

    Re:blog @faith barista
    I’m not able to link with my site/pic on my iPad 2 … Any suggestions?

  30. Sherrie says:

    I am wondering…if your site or server goes down will my whole blog post not show up? Or just the portion of thumbnails that I have linked through you….

    • admin says:

      While we take every precaution possible to NOT let anything like that happen (InLinkz is proud to be the most stable and responsive thumbnail link-up tool around) we have thought of that possibility too. And in that case, only the collections will not be visible but the rest of your blog will function normally with and added delay of around 5-10 seconds. This delay will be experienced only for a while after the server fail as the collections will be temporarily substituted by a message that will inform your readers of the situation until everything is back to normal.

  31. Lejanne says:

    I put a picture on this website but it’s the wrong one. How can I delete this ons?
    And put another one. The name of the picture is Lejanne

    My site is

    • admin says:

      If the blog author allows, the link must have a red “x” beside it. If you click on it, you will delete the link and be able to enter it again. If there is no such “x”, it is the author’s choice not to allow users to delete their own links and you will have to contact her as she can fully edit your link.

  32. april says:

    How do I center my thumbnail collection in my post?

  33. I have a link up going on, its a link only. It says there are two links added, but it is not displaying the link at all! 🙁 I am not sure what is wrong. I tried to created another link up to see if that would fix it and it just did the same thing. I tried editing the collection and I just dont know what to do. What am I doing wrong? See the collection here:

    Thanks so much for the help!

  34. Victoria says:

    Is this just for blogs or can it be used on a retail site?

  35. Tracey says:

    Hi this is my first time using inlinz. I done a trial adding it on my blog which I done ok but I just want people to add their names and not add a thumbnail. I did choose text only on the form but the thumbnail came up when I tried adding myself to the link. What have I done wrong?


    • admin says:

      Hi Tracey,

      You just need to create a text collection. In the new collection page, you will see a dropdown menu named “linkz type”. There you will select text links and you’re all set.

      As for your current image collection, unfortunately, you cannot change it to a text-only, after it has been created.

  36. Andrea says:

    I have completed one week of a blog hop. To start the second week in a new post, what do I do?
    Do I need to start a new collection each week or update the existing collection and add it in a new post with a new date?
    I tried both and it just shows the post from the previous week with a new amount of time and the same people in the post.
    Please help.
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      You have to create a new collection and grab Its code to put in the new post.
      imagine that the code is a placeholder for the collection that tells inlinkz where to put a specific collection
      Each new collection has its own code

    • Andrea says:

      If the post is the same each week, but starting over ( blog hop),do I need to create a new collection with the same set up just different date to capture the code each week and put it in a new post.
      I you go to my site now, I grabbed the same code from last week, but the people who entered info are showing is this weeks right off the bat.

      in short new collection each week to place in new weekly post; same info-different date???

    • aris says:

      Yes, if you want to keep the old ones, you must create a new collection. This means you must replace the code too, as the codes are a bit different for each collection

      if you want to use only one collection (the free one) and don’t mind losing old entries, you can just wipe them from the moderate links page and just change the start/end date.

  37. Renee says:

    I am trying to host my first link party, but there appears to be no “add a link” button for people to link up to? Please help ASAP! Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi Renee,

      you need to set the voting start time sometime in the future. When the voting starts, submissions stop and this is the reason you do not see any “add your link ” button.

      So, go to your dashboard and click “edit collection” and then set the voting date in eg 2 days from now. This way, you will be allowing your users to add their links for 2 days and then allow them to vote on them while no more submissions will be accepted, to keep voting fair