Deleting links from LinkUp as a user

Deleting links from LinkUp as a user


A new feature has been added. Users that enter links in your posts can delete their own links. (eg in case of a faulty entry).

Lets say you enter a faulty link (for whatever may the reason be).
deleting links as a user

Figure 1.


Your link now has a small 2015-10-08_13h39_46 at the right bottom.
These are visible only to you from the browser you entered it and only if you have cookies enabled.
deleting links from LinkUp

Figure 2.

Well, now delete it!
deleting links from LinkUp

Figure 3.

deleting links from LinkUp

Figure 4.


No harm done!! your link has dissapeared!
deleting links from LinkUp

Figure 5.

Go ahead and test the functionality at !


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5 Responses to Deleting links from LinkUp as a user

  1. Deb Bryan says:

    Can a host blog manager delete link submissions?

    I am attempting to assist a user (who submitted links before the image she wanted was on her blog). I have provided the information she needs to delete the unwanted entries so she can submit the URL again (ie. must be viewing with the same browser to see the x). If she is still unable to see and implement the x feature is there a way I can delete the entry for her?

    During this situation I wondered how we might delete links (if unsuitable) without blocking IP address (which might block users who have submitted appropriate links.

    Thank you,
    Darla’s Assistant

    • admin says:

      Of course you can. If you go to the dashboard, you’ll find a “moderate links” link that takes you to a screen where you have an overview of all the links in the current collection. While you may delete them, you can also edit their data too.

      If you have set InLinkz to send you email notification on new link insertions, you will receive an email that has a “delete” link inside with which you can delete the inserted link by just clicking it inside your email client.

      Moreover, a moderation function is in the works and will soon be available. With this, users will be notified that their link is expecting moderation and it will be available when (and if) the author/owner of the collection decides that the link is appropriate.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Rose,

    the red “X” appears when the author of the collection decides to enable it. In any other case, you should probably contact the blog owner to remove it for you.

  3. Hola, por favor me puede colaborar,estoy tratando de ingresar unas imágenes a un blog amigo, pero no me deja, me dice que el link ya está, y yo necesito ingresar otras imagenes.
    Me pueden colaborar, que error estoy cometiendo?

    • admin says:

      This usually happens when, in order to insert a photo, the link is pointing to the main blog address and not directly to the permalink of the post. It is better in general to upload links of the posts (eg instead of the main page of the blog ( because the next time you will want to upload a photo to this collection it will be considered a duplicate and you will get the duplicate link error you just got.