Layout-saver (Limit to maximum characters on Name field)

Save your layout!

With this option you can set the maximum characters on Name field a user can enter. This way, users cannot ruin your layouts anymore! (Which is very annoying when using thumbnails!)


Just set this option

Here we select 50 as the maximum number.

You can also set it to No Limit if you don’t care about size…

maximum characters on Name field

Figure 1.

The user sees this:

maximum characters on Name field

Figure 2.


And of course he is unable to enter more characters!

You can test it here.

You can go create your own collection in InLinkz main page.



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4 Responses to Layout-saver (Limit to maximum characters on Name field)

  1. Mimi says:

    Couple of general questions. So, we don’t use the same inlinkz every week? We create a new one each week? Will there be a limit as to how many we can create? And, if we delete an inlinkz link here, will it disappear from our blog/site post along with the links that were created?


    Used it last week on Friday w/ 2 people linking up. 🙂

    • admin says:


      you should create a new InLinkz collection every week. I suppose that using the same collection over and over again is a little counter-productive for users. You can create a new InLinkz collection each week based on a setup you want (this is the meme name field, it needs to be filled only once, when you create the first collection of your meme. Each time you start a new collection based on that meme, it creates a new one, applies the same settings and adjusts the start time and duration for the upcoming week )

      There is no limit on how many collections you can create.. And you can show as many collections as you like in the same page.

      If you delete a collection, the links will dissapear from your site and it will show a blue froggy saying that this collection has been deleted by it’s author. You have to remove the script from your post to completely eliminate the collection. The collection and the links are eliminated. But I am thinking of just “putting them in the background” so at anytime, you can “resurrect” an old collection and process the links (eg. export it to HTML to put it somewhere or just re-live the old days 🙂

      Well done on using it! 🙂



  2. vern says:

    How do you add many picture into the layout. I only manage to do add a max of 3 pictures. Is there any size requirement for the pictures. Thank you and I love your inlinkz – its amazing.

    • admin says:

      You can go to your dashboard, click “edit collection” and at the “Number of columns” drop down menu you can choose either the number of columns you want or choose “NeatFit” that fits as many thumbnails as possible in your available space.