Two new LinkUp features. Better layouts and optional image cropping for thumblinks

new LinkUp features

We are glad to introduce you two new LinkUp features. The first includes better layouts and the second optional images cropping for thumblinks. Let’s read on for more details.


  • A rework in the thumblink layout part of the code shaped things up a bit. Now there is no need for “Layout savers”. The text your readers enter is constrained so no more looooonnnng names and descriptions will push your thumblinks out of your blog.
  • Another minor feature is that when the user chooses the image for his thumblink, he can also crop it too!! There are two buttons now under each image in the selection list. One says “Select” and just selects the image and the other one says “Crop” and takes you to a cropping page. He can drag the cropping handles around his desired area and press a button. And tadaaaa.. the thumblink contains the desired detail. There are two buttons (one for select and another for crop) because we want to minimize the clicks in case the user does not want any cropping on this thumblink.


Try the new LinkUp features for yourself here!


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