InLinkz challenge #1 voting opens!

Hi all!

Submissions closed on the challenge! Now it is time to let your readers know they can vote on their favorite.

Good luck to all!

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6 Responses to InLinkz challenge #1 voting opens!

  1. addii says:

    hello, to congratulate you for the awesome challenge, glad I could join:) I want to ask how the vote that something I can not understand .. Thank you

  2. Jen Carter says:

    I don’t understand where we vote at either! There wasn’t a link in the email that was sent and I must be missing it on the blog.

  3. Kim Howard says:

    I know some of the people are having problems with voting, there is no vote link underneath the cards for them to click on and they haven’t voted yet. Any suggestions?

    • admin says:

      A screenshot of the site would be very helpful.

    • Kim Howard says:

      they are saying it’s like the test bed/voting has ended shot. Like they have already voted so it’s not giving them the vote link but rather telling them how many votes there are already