Adding images to LinkUp from your own computer

With this new Inlinkz feature, adding images to LinkUp from your computer is easy as pie! Users have just to upload their images from their computers!!!!


As usual, click on “Add your link” and proceed filling your info.

adding images to LinkUp

Figure 1.


You will notice that the image selection screen has somewhat changed!

adding images to LinkUp

Figure 2.


in 1. you can select your picture from the ones found at the URL you entered.
in 2. you will be presented with a file dialog to choose a picture from your own computer.
in 3. you can enter a URL to an image directly (eg.


Clicking on “Click to upload a file” (it may have a different name depending on your browser), you will get a dialog to select your image from your PC.

When finished, click on “Select” and you are done!

adding images to LinkUp

Figure 3.

As usual, you can try it here.


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5 Responses to Adding images to LinkUp from your own computer

  1. Lalboi7 says:


  2. admin says:

    The only other way (if the admin page has enabled it) is to use the red “X” you see beside your link to delete it and submit it again.

    Changing the thumbnail will be added in the near future though.

  3. admin says:

    The %20 at the end is a space. Could you try checking (and removing it) if it is present when you paste your URL at the InLinkz field?

    (also, i sent you an email)

  4. Tracy B says:

    I would like to ask a question: I’m trying to participate in linky parties and each time, when I click on “Add your link”, no pictures show up from my blog and I cannot upload either. I get no error message, it just takes me back to the website that I’m trying to link to. I have a link in my post to the party and in one case, I even copied the post button. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? In the past, I was able to link.