Advanced voting on thumblinks options

In this post we are going to find out about the advanced voting on thumblinks options.


More advanced options when using voting collections allow users to vote more than one link (up to 10), display only some of the top entries (so as not to discourage people with entries that got few or no votes) and even control the visibility of the votes each entry has during the voting process so as not to bias choice.

Click on “Edit link-up

voting on thumblinks

Figure 1.


Look at Figure 2

voting on thumblinks

Figure 2.


1: How many votes an IP (which corresponds to a user) can cast. These votes must go to different entries (no voting the same link twice!!!).

2: Uncheck this if you don’t want the vote count displayed under each link while voting.

3: You can display all entries and the votes each entry got or just some of the top entries. The entries are sorted by the number of votes so the winner is always first. By hiding the voting count from the less-popular entries, there is actually no looser, just winners.

Click on “save changes” and you’re set!

voting on thumblinks

Figure 3.

These changes can take place even while in the voting phase. Do not hesitate to try it.


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One Response to Advanced voting on thumblinks options

  1. Cazzy says:

    Thanks I have voting now. Question:I couldn’t set voting for the end of the challenge, so I set it half way though. On the blog the closing date and voting start shows as the voting date start not the challenge close date.
    Does that mean that nobody will be able to enter when voting starts?
    If so should I set challenge dates later and start voting when I want the challenge to end?