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Monthly archive: October2010

Support for all kinds of collections

Since has a bad habit of wiping any script tag that goes into the post, this workaround supports all kinds of collections.   Users can have a link to a dedicated page to handle their collection. The image displayed contains the number of links in the collection too. This is how it looks: […]

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Customizing fonts

Even though InLinkz is designed to blend in with the rest of your page, sometimes you wish you had a way to change the size and general appearance of the link fonts without having to change the whole blog layout! This is a quick and dirty way to customize fonts and an interface will be […]

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Locked blog image submissions

If you need to add a photo from a locked blogspot blog or a facebook account, InLinkz won’t be able to login as it won’t know your password. To see how to make locked blog image submissions read below.   In this case, instead of giving away your password, there are other ways to submit […]

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