Locked blog image submissions

If you need to add a photo from a locked blogspot blog or a facebook account, InLinkz won’t be able to login as it won’t know your password. To see how to make locked blog image submissions read below.


In this case, instead of giving away your password, there are other ways to submit your hidden picture.

Just remember though, that if InLinkz can’t see your picture, your readers won’t be able to see it too unless they have your password.


Getting in the image insertion page.


When you insert a locked blog URL on the specific field, you will get to this screen, without any pictures to select from.

You will notice that there are three tabs on top. You are in the first one by default. (1)

Number 3 will let you submit a picture if you know the image URL address. Usually the image URL address ends in .jpg, .jpeg, .png.


http://blog.inlinkz.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Frogo-big-51.png (which is what we’ll use in the example).


blog image submissions

Figure 1.


So go to tab no.3 and enter your image URL address.

Enter the Image URL in the box and click on “Load“.

blog image submissions

Figure 2.

If the image itself is not accessible from InLinkz (e.g. belongs to a private collection in flickr or picasaweb), you will get a froggie in the output.
In such rare cases, you can always use the second tab which allows upload of the image directly to the InLinkz servers.


Save the image locally on your computer


On your blog/flickr/picasaweb page, right click on the image and save it locally on your computer. It would be a good idea to save it as a simple name without quotation marks so it will be easy for InLinkz to upload it.

blog image submissions via Inlinkz

Figure 3.


Click “click to upload a file” to select the image from your computer, then click “Select” and then “Done“.

Remember that your image should be less than 1 megabyte in size.

blog image submissions

Figure 4.


You are ready!


blog image submissions via Inlinkz

Figure 5.

Just remember though, that if you are pulling an image from a locked blog, the visitors that click your thumbnail won’t be able to visit your blog either.



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