Support for all kinds of collections

Since has a bad habit of wiping any script tag that goes into the post, this workaround supports all kinds of collections.


Users can have a link to a dedicated page to handle their collection. The image displayed contains the number of links in the collection too.

This is how it looks: collections


After linking up, the user is forwarded back to the originating page.

Collection impressions and link clicks are kept as usual. Voting works too. It even displays on the editor.

To use, just create your collection as usual and when finished, you will now notice there are two different scripts. The top is the script-tag-based one and the bottom is the one for wordpress. So grab the bottom one.

Of course, we are always open to suggestions on features and usability so if you have a blog or know someone who has one and is in need of something similar, please try it and tell us your opinion!


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10 Responses to Support for all kinds of collections

  1. Also, I have a 3rd party hosted wordpress blog…can you help me get the linky to show up on my blogpost and not on a different page?


    • admin says:

      The code you put on your blog is for blogs hosted on (eg Since you are self-hosted (or third-party hosted, it is the same thing), you can put the code for blogger and self hosted sites. This is the code you get from the top text box on the “get script” link. This will put the collection right into your post.

    • I’m guessing I should wait until next Wednesday w/ the next party…? Would it mess up things to do it now that the post is published?
      Do you mind terribly having a look at it and giving me instruction/feedback?
      The party is open until sunday nite and I’d love to have it right on the post…
      thanks bunches …

  2. admin says:

    Hi Elizabeth,

    you had some invalid HTML code inserted in the description. The description field is somewhat sensitive, meaning that it allows unrestricted HTML so if there is eg. a tag left open, it can ruin your whole layout.

    I reset it and it displays alright. You will probably have to go to your dashboard and “edit collection” to create it again. If you need to put something specific there, we can help if you let us know what it is.

    As for export, it is available as a link “export” in your dashboard. It produces a zip file with full html and your thumbnails so you can put it wherever you want.

    Exporting the links, makes them visible by search engines. As of now, all links inside script are discarded in searches and they are useless in SEO (search engine optimization). Exporting them, makes them real, existing links and thus, the search engines are having a party with those 🙂

    You can see if others have used your blog hop code if you go to your dashboard and take a look at the view links table. There you will see a “referer” column. This is the blog address the link was added from. So if they are not from your own blog, then the blog hop is active at that address too.

    If you need any help or explanation, just drop us an email at info(at)inlinkz(dot)com

    • ElizOF says:

      Thanks again for your help. The hop went well for a first timer. I truly appreciate the help you gave us by re-setting it. Hopefully, I have not made the same error for this new hop. Will check in if any issues arise.

  3. Rhonda says:

    Help…How do I allow users to submit their link with a thumbnail on WordPress? I don’t see how to activate that part am I missing something?

    • admin says:

      As the WP plugin does not yet support thumbnails, you can use our online service to create thumbnail collections

  4. Gaurab says:

    Hi, I host my blog on I think I would be using it for my blog challenge. It’s nice that you guys have tried to create a way around for the blogs.

  5. Pia Nyberg says:

    Is it possible to get a script which allow the linky to show up on my blogpost and not on a different page?


    • Aris says:

      Unfortunately, not on blogs. You will need to have a self hosted blog or host it on blogger,typepad etc