Inspecting voting links

Inspecting Voting Links


Do you have the feeling that someone is cheating on your link voting? Well, there is a way to inspect even the IP address that the votes come from, sort them and geolocate them (see where they are coming from) to see if someone is resetting his router every minute to get another chance to vote.


1.  On your dashboard, you can go to moderate links.


Inspecting Voting Links, Inlinkz

Figure 1.

2.  There, you will see on every link, the number of votes has become a button.


Inspecting Voting Links, Inlinkz

Figure 2.

3.  Clicking on it, will take you to an IP view list.


Inspecting Voting Links, Inlinkz

Figure 3.

By clicking on the headers of the table (1) and (2), you can sort the list by number (time sequence) and IP string. Sorting them by IP lets you easily see if there are very similar IPs which might be a sign that someone is getting wild !
The IPs (3) are also links that take you to an external service to geolocate them. That is to find where they originated from on the globe.


* ip2location service lets you check where the links come from.


Inspecting Voting Links, Inlinkz

Figure 4.

You can get much info from them and even map them ! (1)

images (1)12


Please note: ip2location is not an InLinkz service and we cannot guarantee its availability. Should this become unavailable, we will replace it with something similar.


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