Sharing blog hop code the easy way

If you want other bloggers to display your collection (what is known as a “blog hop”), now there is an easy way to let them grab the suitable code for their site and needs.


1.  Click on the link to get your code as usual.

Sharing blog hop code the easy way

Figure 1.

2.  On the page where you get the script, you will notice a last options that provide a small HTML snippet to add a link to the script page.


You can also find other methods with which you can share your code.


blog hop

Figure 2.

Copy this HTML snippet and put it on your blog for others to click on it and grab the code.

What the users will see is this: get the InLinkz code.


3.  Clicking on it, they will be transfered to the get script page (minus the code-sharing textbox) from where they can grab the code that suits their needs.
blog hop

Fugure 3 – Your readers will see this code page to select their blog code.


4.  The link contains a unique key without which, no one can access this page.

You can even email the link containing the key to other bloggers so they can access this page.



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2 Responses to Sharing blog hop code the easy way

  1. Belinda says:

    I’ve done that and my co-host is telling me that when I’ve emailed the link to her – she clicks on that – and then is told that she has to have an account. Is this correct?

    • Aris says:

      Yes, this is correct. To view/get the code, you need at least a free inlinkz account. This is done to prevent spammers picking up code.