Earn through referrals:Convert them to time or money

A more direct way has been just implemented to let you earn through referrals.Convert your referral earnings to either extended subscription time or money.


Frogo-big (3)11As you may already know, InLinkz likes to give back to those who help!

So, a referral scheme is used to give commissions to paying users who bring more paying users in the service.
Up to now, you had to wait until you receive an email from InLinkz to let you choose how to redeem those referrals.
Now the process is automated. You can just click a button and convert your referrals to the desired form.


How to redeem.

This is all done from your account page, accessed through the “account” link at the top, once you are logged in.

earn through referrals

Figure 1.


If you have 3 or more referrals (1), you can convert them. Until then, the “redeem” button (2) is grayed out.
Each referral converted to time, corresponds to 15 days of extended subscription time (a $1.00) value)
Each referral converted to money corresponds to $0.65.


Click on the redeem button to continue.

earn through referrals

Figure 2.

Select what you want to get.

earn through referrals

Figure 3.

When selecting time (1), the process is fully automated. You just click the button and InLinkz immediately adds the shown amount of time (2) to your account.
When requesting money through paypal though, your paypal account email (3) is required (NOT password). We will then send you within two business days a check of the specified amount (5)
When clicking the button (4), you will be notified that you will receive the payment in two business days and the referral counter on your account page will reset to 0.


What happens when your extended time period is over!

If your account has expired and you still have three or more referrals pending, you can STILL access the button to redeem them. Hey! You earned them, right ?



For all paypal money requested, until end of Feb, 2011, the commission is $1 regardless of what the dialog box says! We check them ourselves anyway 🙂


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