Sorting links

You can now order the links in a collection by three different types. Let’s see how “sorting links” can be achieved.


* Ordering normally places last links at the bottom of the collection. This way usually the first one to enter gets the most views (clicks).
* Order randomly. No numbers are attached on the thumbnails as they would serve no purpose. Each time the collection is displayed, the links are in a different position. Good for photo challenges where you should judge by content and not by the typical “Hey, my daughter/son/dad/grandpa/niece’s photo is #144, go and vote for that number”
* Order in reverse. Last entry is displayed first. Everyone gets a chance to be on the top entries. Latecomers get their chance to!


The default remains the first-on-top sorting so as not to startle users that just use the defaults.

Ordering options work for both thumbnail and text collections.

Which is better, is up to you. You can always change it from the “edit collection” link on your dashboard, even when the collection accepts submissions. The changes are always non-destructive and your links suffer no damage.

sorting links

Figure 1.

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One Response to Sorting links

  1. Love the random order link option! Fabulous!