LinkUp Giveaway options, Design team helpers

Some more LinkUp giveaway options have been added to help both those who want to run giveaway lists (either using the winner drawing functions or not) and also help members of a judging team on the submitted links.
LinkUp giveaway options

Figure 1.

The following options are displayed both in create and edit pages. These are all non-destructive options and can easily be changed even while the collection is running.

1. Selecting “URL mandatory” you are forcing the user to enter a URL.

This was the default up to now. From now on you have the option to allow for empty URLs too. So users without any URL, can enter to an event (say, a giveaway). They still have to enter a name and an email address so they can be reached by both the author and the automatic winner draw functions to be informed in case they win. The check for duplicate URLs that are not empty, still exists. (Default=checked)

2. You can hide the links!!

And instead of the links, only their count is displayed. A giveaway tool too, if you want no names or URLs visible.(Default=checked, visible)

3. Another requested option is to allow users to delete their links.

While this provides an easy way to let the users do their link management, it proves difficult when there is a team on the background that tries to decide on each entry. For example if a user with number 33 deletes his link, then all the links with numbers >33 will instantly change their number. So , if there is no option to delete their links, the numbering will remain constant for the duration of the challenge. If checked, it provides the small “X” you see beside your links. If unchecked, there will be no such “X”. Moreover, there will or won’t be a link to remove their submission in the email that they will receive if 3 is checked.

All collections created BEFORE today, can accept the new options too. The default behavior has not been changed.


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8 Responses to LinkUp Giveaway options, Design team helpers

  1. Gretchen says:

    Setting up my first giveaway of the month and thrilled at these features! Just a few suggestions for sometime…

    Give options for the buttons: “Add/Submit your link” could be “Add/Submit your entry” as well, for giveaways.

    Also, you might give the option to hide the URL entry box altogether, though I’m going to be using it in some of my giveaways for people who tweet or FB about the giveaway for additional entries.

    Thank you again so much!

  2. Melissa says:

    Would love an option of Email instead of Url for giveaways. that would be AWESOME!

    • admin says:

      The URL is optional anyway and the email is always there as a field to fill in. So you can have a giveaway where the user is not needed to enter a URL. Just a name and a (hidden) email

      We just don’t expose the email because there are many bad guys out there that would LOVE to pick them all up and flood it with spam.

  3. Mom Blog says:

    Good thinking admin. Not smart to show your users emails at all.

  4. Do my contestants have to submit at least a picture in the URL blank? When I try to enter only a name and e-mail it comes up as an error and asks for a Link or picture.

  5. Sandy H says:

    Why can’t you have a giveaway option that only requires the name and email? I have a lot of followers (mostly little old ladies) who are not savvy enough to understand what to do with the add a pic step of this. I would like to see the names without thumbnails but can’t figure out how to make it happen.

    • admin says:

      There is such an option. You need to uncheck the two check boxes that mention “may uncheck for giveaways” when creating or editing a collection. Please do have in mind that you probably need to create a text only collection so your users don’t have to enter an image too!

      unchecking those two checkboxes allows your readers to submit only a name and an email. No need for a URL