Renumbering of links (and how to avoid it)

You have a team that judges your links and you have 300 links to choose from. It is a difficult job but you finally decide on your 5 favorites: 3,66,78,145,223. And then, the user that had inserted number 101, decides to delete it!!

If you have been in this position, you’ll love the ability InLinkz gives you to retain the numbering of links, even when someone deletes some links from the sequence.

(the feature is under the advanced linking options, which is available to extended accounts only)


The button makes it quite clear, when pressed that it will retain the numbering throughout the lifetime of the collection.


You will notice that the number is in bold font, which means that our feature is enabled.


So, if the user deletes number two, the cute frog still has number 3 and no team is confused.


Subsequent entries, are numbered in such a way that no number two will appear again.

A word of caution

It is preferable to set the option before anyone inserts any links. This way, you will give all the links an appropriate number. If you enable the feature after some links are inserted, these will not be numbered with bold numbers and will ruin your sequence as any normal link would do.

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8 Responses to Renumbering of links (and how to avoid it)

  1. Vixykins says:

    Thank You, thank you, THANK YOU x

  2. Fantasitic idea and I’ll be using this new feature. Thanks

  3. Kim says:

    Not sure if i’m doing this right or not but it’s fun trying.

  4. Helen says:

    Thank you so much for this feature – solves a big problem!
    Helen x

  5. ~ Mona says:

    So what if a link needs to be changed? It’s deleted and corrections entered. Does it post as the original number?

    • admin says:

      You don’t have to delete it!!! There is an edit button at the “moderate links” page on your dashboard. There you can edit both its name and its content (URL).

  6. Michelle says:


    I was just wondering. I set this option after some links were added. I deleted number 61 (out of 68) and while here on the dashboard it showed that it had correctly altered the number to leave out number 61 and continue on with the correct numbers, when I went back to my challenge blog all the numbers on the entries had disappeared completely!!

    Did that happen because I set the option after links had been added?

    Next time I will try to remember to set the option first!

    Thanks for a great feature.

    Michelle :o)

    • admin says:

      Exactly. When you set this option after some links have been entered , there is no sequence information on those links and this may lead to a somewhat peculiar numbering afterwards.

      We’ll probably put that on the “new collection” page as it serves no purpose being editable after the collection has been created.