Editing link thumbnails !

While you were always able to edit the links and their info, you weren’t able to change their thumbnails!

From now on, you are able to change/edit the thumbnails of the links too. Watch the video for a quick overview

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7 Responses to Editing link thumbnails !

  1. Kris McGuire says:

    Every time I try to insert a thumbnail on Secondary Solutions that will link to my blog, a frog shows up. What is going on? A frog has nothing to do with my website.

  2. The Spangler says:

    Hi! I’m having the same problem as above, the thumbnail is not linking and I’m getting the linky frog in its place. My problem is I cannot try again to upload correctly as there seems to be no ‘x’ to delete the existing link (my cookies etc are all enabled) and therefore it continues to tell me the link already exist. Please help as I enjoy linking to the various linky list.
    Many thanks

    • admin says:

      Allowing users to delete their own links, is an option set by the owner of the collection (the blog owner). You can contact him directly or if you don’t have any luck, just let us know through info(at)inlinkz(dot)com (or the contact form on the InLinkz site) and we can remove/edit it for you

  3. Why do the thumbnails appear opaque on my linky collection? People can hardly tell what they are. Please advise if this can be adjusted.

    • admin says:

      The links appear dim once you have visited them . It is only visible to you . Each user will start by seeing all links normally and once she visits one, this one will turn dim to notify that it was already been clicked.