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If you are running a promotion or a challege or you just want some more info about your entrants, you can use the multiple field feature of InLinkz to get it.

Create a collection as you usually do!


Go to advanced options


Click on the “extra fields” button


it will immediately change and provide you with another button to manipulate those extra fields.

Click manage


… and a popup will open.

Fill in the info

  1. the name that will be displayed when the user sees the extra field
  2. Type of the input field (text, Date, number or choice)
  3. If you want, you can put a default value to be inserted and the user can then edit it. You can always leave that blank
  4. If the “Required” checkbox is checked, then the user must enter this info.

Clicking on the add field, adds the field to the bottom list like so:


You can click on the red minus dots to remove the fields.

When inserting a choice field, you separate the different options by comma (1)

This is it!

Just click apply when you’re done and that’s it! Just use the collection as you already do with normal ones. The collection will understand that has more fields to require and present the user with a different entry form

The entry form as seen from the entrant’s side


the no.1 fields, are the same as the ones shown on normal collections.
the no.2 fields are the fields we set at the advanced options dialog. You will notice that the choice entry “Children” is represented by a drop down box, filled with the entries we set.
Checking no.3 will let the user tweet and post to facebook once the entry is submitted, and then head back to the page. This is a nice way to build some traffic for both them and you.

The image grabbing dialog


Clicking on the froggy image, the user will be presented with a dialog to select her image to represent her link.
As usual, the dialog provides the user three different ways to set an image. By selecting from the target page, by uploading and by setting the direct URL where the image can be found.

Sharing the link


After the optional sharing, you will be taken back to the page where you added the link.

Accessing the saved data.


While the collection seems like a normal collection, the collection owner now has access to the data entered on the extra fields through the dashboard.


Click on the “csv” link and you will be prompted to download a .csv file with all the data added, even the extras!


You can use this feature, to ask for addresses for promotional puurposes. Or you can use it to collect more sensitive information like prices, phone numbers or whatever you wish!

Simple and effective!!!


You can check it right here!:

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