Getting emails on mailchimp and other applications

This is how to get all the emails of a link up to connect to your users.

!!! Please note that you need to have a way for users to unsubscribe from the mail list you may create and have their permission to send them email or else your mail may be considered spam and your address may get blacklisted/blocked. InLinkz assumes no responsibility if anything happens to you or your email !!!

Get the list!

Exporting the linkup's emails

Exporting the linkup’s emails

By clicking on csv (1), you can get all the data that your users have added to your link up. This data includes of course their email, their URL, their name and even the time the link was entered and the votes that this link may have received. In case of using the multi-field capability of InLinkz, the CSV file will contain this data as well.

The participants link will export only name, link and email (2) and (3) will provide you with a list of the emails only so you can paste it directly to the BCC field of your favorite mail client

Importing data in Excel


In order to import this data to your spreadsheet program, you need to create a new sheet and go on the Data tab. There , click ‘From text”


This will open a dialog box where you will have to select the ‘Comma’ separator. You will immediately see the fields at the bottom. Click next


Go to mailchimp and create a list (or add to a new one). To add new emails, click on “import a list”


… and select copy/paste from excel


Select the columns you want (you can click on the header to select the full column) and copy them


… and paste them to the text box in the mailchimp app. ‘

Just finish the procedure and you are set!. You can also select more than one column from excel to include the name of the participants and even the URL!

Simple mail


In case of email (which as it is mentioned in the beginning, may easily be considered spam, so be careful), the right way to send it is to create a new mail and send it to yourself. Then, copy the list of emails and paste it to the BCC field. This way you keep your users separated and they don’t get to see each other’s email.

The most “right” way though is to use a mailing list application as they usually provide a way for users to unsubscribe and keep their inbox clean if they want to. This has the added advantage that your list is cleared from everyone else but the users that are really interested in what you have to send them .

Hope to have helped!

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  1. Thank you for the step by step tutorial and accompanying screenshots! Is there a printable version of this? Thank you!