Adding links to LinkUps – new widget

Adding Links to LinkUps via Inlinkz


Let’s see how we can add a link on the new Inlinkz widget:

Clicking on the “Add your link” button, will bring up a dialog box:


adding links to LinkUps

Figure 1.

Filling the dialog box:


adding links to LinkUps

Figure 2.

The outline of the page is as follows:

  1. From here you can navigate back to the blog where you are adding your link.
  2. The link you are adding. As soon as you press enter or tab or click outside this field, the images found in the URL will be displayed in (7).
  3. Name of the link. It will automatically pick up the title of the blog post but you can still change it if you want.
  4. Your email address. Once you enter it the first time, it will always be entered in for you without even having to click on the input field.
  5. The thumbnail you are adding. It also displays cropping in real time (more on this later on).
  6. In the blog tab, you can select a picture for your thumbnail from the ones found in the link entered in no. 2.
  7. The upload tab allows you to select a file to upload or drag a file on it or even snap a quick picture with your tablet/cellphone and use it as a thumbnail.
  8. You can enter the direct URL of an image to use as a thumbnail here.
  9. Login with your username/password to instagram to select one of your images to use as thumbnail.
  10. Click here to accept the link.
  11. Clicking on “Show history” will display your old entries and allow you to enter them again with just a click!

*All emails entered in InLinkz email fields are covered by our privacy policy.


Grabbing your blog URL

adding links to LinkUps via Inlinkz

Figure 3.


  1. Switch (on another browser page) and click on the image you want to enter to the collection
  2. Select the url at the top of your page
  3. Copy it to your clipboard (Ctrl-C for windows, Command-C for mac)


Insert this info to the InLinkz dialog


  • Adding the link and pressing enter in the Link field, will show a “loading icon and fill the respective field with the images found in the target link.


adding links to LinkUps via Inlinkz

Figure 4.

  • You will notice that the Name field has been auto-completed with the title of the post.
  • Now the only thing you need to do is just select one of the images with the “Select” button underneath it or choose to crop it.
adding links to LinkUps via Inlinkz

Figure 5.

  • Clicking on “Crop” will present a small popup with the cropping controls (1).
  • Click on “done” (2) when ready or “Reset” to let the program grab the best thumbnail from the middle of the image.
  • While handling the controls in (1), you are able to see the preview of your thumbnail on (3).
adding links to LinkUps via Inlinkz

Figure 6.

  • Add your email and click on “Done“. You will be presented with a sharing screen and you can click on the respective items to shout out the link you added.
    The four buttons come with precomposed text which you can modify before you submit so edit it as you wish.
  • Clicking on (1) will take you directly to the blog you added your link. Clicking on (2) will allow you to enter another link to the same blog without having to go back to the linkup page.

adding links to LinkUps via Inlinkz

Figure 7.


like so….


Deleting the link

Your link now has a small 2015-10-08_13h39_46 at the right bottom.
These are visible only to you from the browser you entered it and only if you have cookies enabled.


deleting links from LinkUp via Inlinkz

Figure 8.

Well, now delete it!
deleting links from LinkUp via Inlinkz

Figure 9.


deleting links from LinkUp via Inlinkz

Figure 10.


Backlinks and permalinks

Authors may ask that you only link a “permalink” or a “backlink” (or both).

When asked for a permalink in order to be allowed to add your link, you need to provide a link that goes directly to a specific blog post of yours and not your first page. For example in our case above a permalink would be
and it would be accepted as one, where just linking to (the first, general page of the site) would not be.

Remember that even if your post is the most recent and the first page lands on it, it is still not considered as a permalink.
Permalinks are usually required because link ups may be seen after many days where the post will not be on top any more. This way the readers will go directly to the relevant post.

The backlink is a link from your blog to the author’s site. So, in order to provide a backlink, you need to have a plain HTML link somewhere on your post.

If you wanted e.g. to backlink to synthfrog, you should have a link that leads there somewhere in your blog post. This, in HTML looks something like this:
<A HREF=>Backlink to synthfrog</A>

Usually authors that require a backlink, provide a way to grab easily the code from their site in the form of a button, so just grab their button and put it in your blog post and you should be fine!


Special cases

Since blogger decided to localize the blogspot platform, URLs are changed according to the place in the world where you view a blog from. So if you are in e.g. Sweden, you will be transfered to and some one viewing the same blog from the US would see it as

Since the requirements for backlinks are usually in .com extensions, please take a look at your backlink extension to match the one required by the blog owner (which in most cases is just .com).



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4 Responses to Adding links to LinkUps – new widget

  1. I like the old link up that didn’t include a pop-up box. Is there anyway to opt to keep the old version?

    • admin says:

      Sure. The script page includes both the new and the old code. You choose which one to use!

  2. I’m using the new code for the first time this week, and I’ve heard from a couple of players that are experiencing trouble linking with the new format who’ve not had trouble in the past with the old code. The pop up box is not appearing for them. Is there any troubleshooting advice I can offer them besides making sure they have pop ups enabled? Thanks so much.

    • admin says:

      Hi Michelle,

      actually the pop up is not a normal window so they do not even have to allow popups.
      It is best to view the site/widget with a recent browser. this may be the most important factor as some browsers like Internet 6/7 are so old that are most probably problematic.
      In general, a decent browser is needed.

      If you want, you can forward users that have trouble linking up to us or just let us know what browser they are using. This usually proves to be eye-opening 🙂