A few small updates:

  • Notification emails
  • Remember target page even after logging in
  • Export all your PM links in a CSV file
  • Search all your lists from the PM dashboard.


1. Added a notification email, 7 days before at least one of the tools expires. No more surprises!


2. The notification email (seen in the previous post) is using links to the main interface. To access them, you should already be logged in. Now this is not needed. Even after the login process, InLinkz remembers where you wanted to go in the first place.



3. Up until now, the search field in the Project Manager dashboard was just filtering the page for matches. From now on, it searches all the names of your collections and matches any substring (so if e.g. you have named a collection: “This is a collection” it will match with anything that is contained in it like: “coll” “his” etc)



4. You can now export all your Project Manager links to a CSV file. The file includes the name and URL. It is a quick way to check for duplicates and keep a reference.