New InLinkz LinkUp notification options

In this post you will learn about the new LinkUp notification options.


As you already know, you can set up InLinkz to send you an email whenever a user adds her link to one of your linkups. That email, provides info on the link and some extra options so you can quickly accept, discard, view or edit the new link and jump to your links moderation panel.

You can set the linkup to send you notification emails on new entries by checking the selection as shown in the image below.

Inlinkz linkup notification

Figure 1.

Here is how a notification e-mail looks like:
Inlinkz linkup notification

Figure 2.

When receiving a notification email, you can follow the links to specific actions.


  • Clicking on (1), will take you to the linkup itself.
    • This is your own web page/blog post where the link was added


  • (2) is the actual link. you can click it to check where it links.


  • (3) will allow you to check where the link was added from, so you can be sure it is a valid one.
    • For example, spam links may originate from somewhere you do not expect to receive a link from.


  • Clicking on (4), will take you to the link moderation page where you will be able to view all the links and edit or delete them as you wish.
    • You may need to login first but it will send you to the correct page after that.


  • Link (5) will take you directly to the edit link page.
    • From there, you can edit every aspect of the link as you see fit, or even choose a different thumbnail for it.


  • Clicking on (6) will delete the link immediately (in case it is spam or not playing by the rules you have set).
    • There is no confirmation for this action and the results are immediate.


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3 Responses to New InLinkz LinkUp notification options

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  2. Lady Anne says:

    Could this notification to be sent to more than one email?
    I have someone else who helps me with this job and would like notifications to go to her…
    Many thanks for any help you can give me…
    Lady Anne

    • Aris says:

      Unfortunately not. Because the other party hasn’t approved receiving of this email, it could be characterized as spam.

      You can set a filter on your own mail client though, so any email received because of new registrations, could be automatically forwarded to her too.