InLinkz linkup tool is easier and more social than ever!

The new Inlinkz LinkUp tool, is easier & more social than ever. Scroll down to see what I mean.


The new “add link” page

If you didn’t get a chance to see how the new “add link” page works and why it is easier & quicker, watch the video:

The new “add link page“, is now the default entering method for the new link up widget.

LinkUp tool

Figure 1 – The history panel in the new Add Link page.


Know your history

A history feature has been added to InLinkz, with which, users can easily add links that have added in the past and they can track the performance of links they have added in various linkups.


linkup tool

Figure 2 – Entering a link from the history to a linkup.


linkup tool

Figure 3 – Viewing a user’s added links and clicks.


More social  interaction

The new add link page also features more social interaction options, which means a bigger audience for your linkups.

linkup tool

Figure 4 – Social sharing options of the new add link page.


The new add link page will soon be added to the default widget as well.

We also added some features that were present in the old InLinkz version to the new GUI as well.


1. Removing unused templates

If you now go to the link-up tool dashboard, you will now notice the button just right beside the template menu which you can use the remove all templates that you don’t use anymore.

To use it, just select the template you’re going to delete and click on the button.

It will ask for your confirmation and then remove the template from the list.

linkup tool

Figure 5 – Removing templates from the LinkUp tool.


2. Close after specified number of entries

When you create a new link up or edit an old one you will now notice at the end of the duration panel the option to close the list after reaching a maximum number of entries. This was available in the old  dashboard and it is now accessible from the new dashboard as well.  If you set this to anything other than “No limit” the list will close if either the number of entries or the End Date has been reached.

linkup tool

Figure 6 – Closing a linkup after a specified number of links.


3. Retain numbering of links even after in-between deletes

You will also find in the advanced section, the option to retain the numbers of the links even after someone deletes the link that is inside the list. So for example if your list contains the links number one, two, three and four, if someone deletes the link number two, the list will now contain the links number does one, three and four. This is very useful when working with design teams where many people have to decide on which link these are promoted in some way as in between deletes will not affect the numbering, and everyone will know about which link they’re talking about.

linkup tool

Figure 7 – Retain numbering of links.

Frogo-big (4)1


Stay tuned for more exciting updates in our next post!



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