By setting the project data of your blog post, it will be easier to reference your other projects inside your product lists, thus increasing your traffic and allowing people to discover more, without ever leaving your blog.

The project manager Project properties dialog has been enhanced to make it easier for you to enter your project data.

In order to access the Project properties dialog, just click on the notebook icon, as soon as you have created your blog post.


Now, as soon as you enter the URL of your project, the name, description and image URLs will be automatically completed by the software.


In the image URL fields the default image will be assigned and you can manipulate the image order by clicking on the arrows found just right beside the image to move them up or down.


The image at slot number one will be the one that will be shown when you click to show the projects that have a certain tag attached or using the same products as seen in the following picture.




Moreover we added a selection box so you can either add new tags to your project or select from those that you have already used in past projects


Just click update and your settings will be saved.!

If you want to see how to set up your project properties in general you can check out this blog post here: Setting up projects in the Project Manager