Add your Project Manager product lists in YouTube

Adding your product lists in YouTube.


Do you feel that you should somehow need to drag your YouTube followers to view your blog post as well, in order to make them see the product lists?

Well, no need for that anymore!

Here is the solution:

You can now list the products you have used right in your YouTube video descriptions!!.




Awesome!!?? YES!


And it is SO easy to do it with the Project Manager!


Here is how it shows on your video description:


product lists in YouTube

Figure 1 – A product list in the YouTube description field.


In order to get this code, you just need to hop on your InLinkz dashboard and go to the “Get Script“.

product lists in YouTube

Figure 2- Click on “Get script“.


There, you will find the relevant link to access the YouTube code page * (see disclaimer below).

product lists in YouTube

Figure 3 – Access the YouTube code page.


And from there, just click on one of the text areas to highlight all the code.

product lists in YouTube

Figure 4 – Highlighting the desired code.

That’s it!

Now just paste it in your YouTube description and you’re done!

From now on, you will not worry about losing sales leads from your youtube channel!


Humongous tip!

Make sure, that the code is placed in the first couple of lines of the description field. This way the “SUPPLIES” header will be visible even if the description is not expanded.¬†(see pic).
Having the header¬†visible will entice your readers to click on “show more” and view the product list.
If the supply header is not visible, no one will ever know that there is a whole lot of information under the “show more” fold and the chances of someone clicking on the products is greatly reduced.


product lists in YouTube

Figure 5 – Displaying the “Supplies” header above the “show more” fold.


So now, you have a complete media coverage of listing products for your crafting projects. The project manager allows you to create lists for all four:

  • Blog posts,
  • News feeds,
  • Emails,
  • and now, YouTube videos!

so you can save time and go create more!!


*You need to have a Project Manager – Crafter account to use the YouTube code functionality.



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