Uploading linkup links even when the remote host does not allow viewing the images

If for any reason InLinkz is unable to fetch your images from your blog, you can still add your LinkUp links.


To do so, you will need to upload the picture you want to put as a thumbnail from your computer.

Just click on the “Upload” tab and load your image.

linkup links

Figure 1 – The image upload tab


If your image is only on your server, you can save it on your desktop by either dragging it from your website….

LInkup links

Figure 2 – Dragging the image to the desktop

or right-clicking on it and selecting “save image as…

linkup links

Figure 3 – … or saving it from the menu


Then, just drag the saved image from your desktop (or wherever you saved it) to the box, which will change color in the process.

linkup links

Figure 4 – Drop image to upload box

After dragging, you will see the image in the box. You have the option either to select it for the thumbnail image or crop it first.

linkup links

Figure 5 – Select or crop as usual

As soon as your image is in position 3 above (after selecting or cropping), you will be able to click on “Done!” at step 4 & the link will be inserted in the linkup normally.


I want to enter the same link/thumbnail to another linkup. Do I have to do this over & over again?



No! The “show history” button keeps all the links you added recently and you will find the link you just entered there too.


So, when you go to another linkup to enter the same link, just click on the history button. (1)

Clicking on “Use” (2) will fill all data to the add link page:

linkup links

Figure 6 – Using the history to save time entering links to blog hops

… and you will just need to click on “Done!“.

linkup links

Figure 7 – .. painless linkup!

That simple!


by Aris Korbetis


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2 Responses to Uploading linkup links even when the remote host does not allow viewing the images

  1. Carolina Flores says:

    I am having a hard time to link my photo to the high hopes challenges. I don’t have a blog so I can’t understand what other way to link my photo?….