New additions to the linkup tool

New features in the LinkUp Tool


According to your feedback & recommendations, we have added a couple of new features to the link up widget.


Links per page

First of all, you can now control the number of the links in each page of the paging widget, not by altering the code in your blog, but setting it from your dashboard.

You will find this setting in the advanced options:

linkup tool

Figure 1 – Setting the number of links per page from the dashboard.


Numbering links

Another requested feature was to remove the numbers before the links. You can now set the linkup to not display the numbers & your list will be displayed as a gallery rather than a typical linkup/challenge:

linkup tool

Figure 2 – Linkups without numbers!

Again, this setting can be found under the advanced options:

linkup tool

Figure 3 – To number or not to number?


Sorting by name

Sorting links by their names instead of the time they were added (or randomly) has been a long time requested feature. You can now choose to sort links alphabetically, based on their links name. Again this option can be found on your dashboard under the sorting menu:

linkup tool

Figure 4 – Arranging links by name.


Visited links not fading out anymore

We have sorted out a confusion point, in the new dynamic widget. Fading of the links where the one link was visited is now gone.

Up to now when the reader clicked on the link, the link would fade to gray to indicate that it has already been visited. This is very useful in cases where the linkup has many links or when the sorting was set to random. New users though would some times be confused because the links would appear like being disabled instead of just visited.

This has now been fixed by replacing the fade-out with an icon at the top left of the link. This way, it both gives a visual feedback to the reader that she has already visited the specific link and does not make the linkup ugly by fading the links:

linkup tool

Figure 5 – Check instead of fade. Prettier linkups!

images (1)12


Please note that these options are only available in the new dynamic widget. The old widget will just ignore these changes.


Want to propose a new feature ? Just leave a comment & let us know of your thoughts.



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5 Responses to New additions to the linkup tool

  1. Thanks for all this- I’m not sure why I prefer your link system but I do- and now I am intrigued by the Project manager function. Thanks for all your hard work- because of inlinkz I feel I can offer more community to my readers!

  2. Carol says:

    Is it possible to limit the number of entries per person for each link up?

    • admin says:

      Not yet but we’ll add a limit per blog/URL in one of the next iterations. This means that the user will not be able to enter more than e.g. 2 links comming from URL no matter where the xxxxxxx part points. This covers most of the cases as email may be faked but faking your own URL is somewhat pointless 🙂

  3. Carol says:

    Thank you 🙂

  4. Kirsten says:

    Thank you! I’m not sure how the changes will affect my use of your tools (making my visual recipe indices using the project manager) but I’m delighted to play around and try them out.