Customizing the image using code?

How to customize an image using code


If you are on a blog, you can modify the provided code so, instead of the default froggie, you can display your own image/text.


Figure 1

How is this done?

A little HTML knowledge, goes a long way here as you can replace the image part of the code with virtually anything you like.


Let’s see how this can be done for the image though:

  1. Copy the code after selecting “Blog hosted on” on the first drop down in the “get script” page.
Customizing image using code

Figure 2

      2.  Then paste it on a notepad or simple text editor (NOT word or in general any word processor as they add junk code & you might end up ruining the code).
      3.  The highlighted part is what we will be changing. You just need to replace the part inside the quotes, after src= in the highlighted area and you are done.
Customizing image using code

Figure 3


The image you put there, must already be online & publicly accessible (most probably your Google+ private pictures will not work).

The safest way to go is to upload an image to itself (as this is what we are talking about) & use it from there.

      4.  Go to your admin panel and to Media->add new and just drop the file in the “Drop here” area.
Customizing image using code

Figure 4


       5.   Then edit the same file from the Media->library menu and at the right side of the screen you will see the “File URL” textbox:
Customizing image using code

Figure 5


      6.   Just copy this and paste it in our code (after the src= part and inside the quotes) like this:
Customizing image using code

Figure 6

And you’re done!


      7.   Just put the code in your blog and it is your image that will now lead to the linkup instead of the frog.

Figure 7

Put your own logo/button there!!


What is the difference between a & a self-hosted, blog? is the site that produces and serves the code (the software) for the wordpress blog platform. You can freely get this code and install it to a server/host of your choice and have a blog that is completely owned by you. This is a self-hosted blog where you set the rules of what works and what does not. And there, you have administrative privileges & install whatever you want.

If you want the free stuff though, without the hassle of setting up a server by yourself, you can go to & create a subdomain (like e.g.
There are paid & free accounts in & the hosting, servers etc is done by them. The drawback is that their blog platform, has some restrictions, one of which is that you cannot embed scripts or objects, thus you can only host a linkup that displays in an external page & not inside your post.


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