Weebly LinkUp : How to add it

Weebly LinkUp: How to add it via Inlinkz


weebly2First of all, let’s see what is Weebly.


Weebly offers a free online website creator. It uses a simplistic widget-based site builder that operates in the web browser. All of Weebly’s site elements are drag-and-drop. It works with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux computers. It automatically generates a mobile version of each website.

Weebly supports basic features for blogging and e-Commerce. Site owners can develop simple stores with payments through either PayPal, Stripe or Authorize.net.

Weebly users can choose to incorporate ads in their pages. It supports visitor statistics tracking through its own tracking tool or Google Analytics.

It also offers its users iPhone and Android Apps so that they can monitor their website traffic statistics, update blog posts and respond to comments, and add or update products if the user has an e-commerce online store.  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weebly)


How to add the Weebly LinkUp.


You can easily add a Linkup inside your weebly page.

You just need to add the InLinkz code inside an “Embed code” element.

  1. Inside your weebly editor, drag an “embed code” element to your page.
Weebly LinkUp : How to add it via Inlinkz

Figure 1

    2.  Then, click on the element, and on the “Edit custom HTML” button.
    3.  Paste your code inside the textbox in (2) (if you have trouble finding the code and creating a linkup, you can check out the basic tutorial here)
Weebly LinkUp : How to add it via Inlinkz

Figure 2

    4.  As soon as you move away from the editor, the linkup will be rendered inside it.
Weebly LinkUp : How to add it via Inlinkz

Figure 3


That’s it, you just added your linkup inside your weebly blog.

You can go on, and create the rest of your post!


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2 Responses to Weebly LinkUp : How to add it

  1. Trying to see if I can create a link party on my Weebly site and also on my Blogger site.
    I would like to use it on BOTH sites. Eventually I won’t have the redundant sites, but for now I do (just started blogging back in July 2014) with the help of my son. He didn’t understand what I wanted to do with my site or he’d have just set up everything through Blogger.
    Thank you,
    Barb Chapman

    • Aris says:

      yes you can create a linkup on both sites. If you use the appropriate code for each blog, from the same “get script” page,
      the same linkup will appear on both sites simultaneously too.