About the “Heartbleed” internet-wide security bug and how it affects InLinkz and other services

You may have heard about a very serious, internet-wide security flaw in a very common piece of software (the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library) that may allow someone to steal the normally protected information, by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the Internet. (yes, the whole internet!)

You can read about the bug, codenamed “heartbleed” here: heartbleed.com (it’s logo at the top of the page, may have scared you and it should)

The main point is that InLinkz is NOT affected by this vulnerability as the servers use a different version of the software that introduced the bug (and guess what! We are not going to update it anytime soon! )

While InLinkz is safe, please keep in mind that other services might have been compromised and as such, you might consider checking their status regarding the flaw and act accordingly (e.g. change passwords). It would be a good idea to change passwords in general to services you use, if you use the same password for all of them (which is a bad practice anyway).

When choosing a password, please refrain from using easy ones such as “123456” or “inlinkz” or “password”. Unfortunately, I am quite sure that if I run a check for those passwords on InLinkz  itself, there will be a few matches :/

Some popular articles about the incident can be found here:




and there is a great list of vulnerable and not vulnerable websites (of course InLinkz is in this list with the “not vulnerable” tag)
Unfortunately, services we all use daily are in this list so take care!!



by Aris Korbetis

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