Product Review Marketing via Amazon Affiliates through Inlinkz




A great way to get some income out of your hobby is by product review marketing.

Learn how easy it is by using Amazon Associates through Inlinkz.




What is Amazon affiliate marketing?


Amazon Affiliate marketing is a simple way to monetize your crafting blog by linking the products you used on your projects to specific Amazon product pages.
Your readers are able to find the products you used easily, in an online shop they trust & might even go ahead & place an order.
In that case you will get a percentage of the price as an advertising commission from Amazon. The percentage is based on the number of amazon products shipped monthly, it starts at 4% & can reach up to 8,5% . You can find all this info through the website.

The way these links work is by placing a cookie on the reader’s browser, if the reader clicks one of your amazon affiliate links. Someone has to put an item on the shopping basket within 24 hours. Then the commission is valid for 90 days if she actually purchases the item.

Up to date cookie times & behavior can be found here.

To use such product links on your blog, you need to have an Amazon Associates Account.


Is my content good enough to use Amazon affiliates?

Have you ever asked your friend their opinion before deciding to buy something? Ever searched for reviews about a particular product online? Every day, people are doing research before they make purchases so that they can feel satisfied they’re spending their money right.

This is called product review marketing and it is the best way to enable people to buy the product you have just used in your project.

Your project acts as a review of each of the products you’ve used. You show to the user the way each product is used & what effect it has on your project. So not only you use & show the products, but the prospect buyer can actually get your opinion about what you use, with which techniques you use them for & see with her own eyes the output of each product within your project.


  1. Do you share your work online?
  2. Are you consistent with your blogging schedule?
  3. Do you have loyal readers that visit your blog to get inspired?
  4. Do they keep asking you where you got this or that?


Then yes! Your content is perfect for affiliate marketing!


Why is Amazon affiliates (& product review marketing in general) better than monetization through advertising?


There are many other ways to monetize your crafting blog with the most popular being google ads in the form of banners on your side bar.
In this case, you allow a third party (e.g. Google) to add advertisements inside selected spots in your blog. What goes in these spots, is decided by the ad network & is based on each reader’s browsing history & cookies in their browsers.

For example, a reader coming to your art blog, may continuously see ads about baby products if she has a newborn & part of her web browsing & searches are about the child. As you may realize, this is not the best way to monetize your art as this kind of advertisement has the effect of distracting the reader from your blog post by presenting her with stuff she may consider interesting.

While it is easy to set up, performance is not optimal. Moreover, since you do not have a say on what goes in the ad spots, it is possible that ads will not fit your blog color scheme and design.
The worst part though remains that they take the reader off your blog when she clicks.



Remember, your readers are visiting your crafting blog to read your posts, learn about new products & get inspired. They are interested on your content and they are more eager to buy something you used that a random product just flashing there on your sidebar.


Linking the products you used to Amazon is as targeted advertisement as can be. Plus Amazon is a popular, trusted shop that many of your readers already have an account and use it to buy products regularly.


But is it ethical?

There is nothing bad about blog monetization using Amazon affiliate links. You make a project & post it on your blog together with all the products you used to create it. If your readers like the products they might consider buying them from Amazon, since you recommended it. The reader gets the product in the exact same price as if she went directly to Amazon to buy the same product.

Your payment comes out of the Amazon’s income.

And Amazon wins out of this, in spite of its reduced income as it gets sales (from you) that it would not get otherwise.
A good tactic is to have a disclaimer somewhere in your blog informing your readers that you are an Amazon Associate. You will be surprised of how many of your readers will use your affiliates to support you, so you can keep on inspiring them.


How is it done?

Placing affiliate links to Amazon is indeed a very efficient method of blog monetization but in order to make it work you need to go through some steps.

Let’s assume that you have already visited and created an account.


  1. Go to the and login.
  2. In the main dashboard you can search for the specific product you want to recommend.
  3. Once you find it, you can grab an affiliate link (in HTML) that you can then place on your blog so that a linked text or an image will appear.

The above cycle is only valid for one product & if you need to list more than one, you still need to go through all of the steps for each & every project.
And this is where the Inlinkz project Manager comes in to help you out & save you some valuable crafting time!


How can I use Inlinkz Project Manager with Amazon Affiliates?



Figure 1


Figure 2


  • In the main Inlinkz dashboard select “Create a new product list
Product Review Marketing via Amazon Affiliates

Figure 3 – Creating a new product list


  • Click on the “shops” tab and select “Amazon” from the drop down box.
Product Review Marketing via Amazon Affiliates

Figure 4 – Amazon in the shops drop down menu


The “orange exclamation mark” means that you haven’t setup a connection with your Amazon Associate account. You will set this up only ONCE and we will generate all your Amazon affiliate links for you from now on.

Product Review Marketing via Amazon Affiliates

Figure 5 – Checking to see if you have set your amazon tag

  • Click on the “orange exclamation mark” and the following window will open


  • Fill in your “Amazon tracking ID” and click on “Done
    If you don’t know where to find that ID click on “What’s this
Product Review Marketing via Amazon Affiliates

Figure 6 -Your amazon tracking id


  • Your account is now connected and you can browse through Amazon for the products you used!
Product Review Marketing via Amazon Affiliates

Figure 7 – Tracking id correctly set


  • When you find a product you like just double click or drag and drop it on the right. You can create your supply lists in seconds.
  • Add the necessary info to your list of items. You can now save your collection and grab the code to use on your blog or YouTube channel.
Product Review Marketing via Amazon Affiliates

Figure 8 – Name and save your amazon list


If you need a step by step tutorial on how to use the Inlinkz Project Manager, how to get the code, copy products on your inventory etc please click HERE.


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  1. JOAN says:

    This looks very interesting! I am going to check this out 🙂 Thanks for the crash course!

  2. Good information. One question – I went through the steps but when I clicked on the orange exclamation point it said I needed a crafter account which is $49.99/year. Is that accurate?