Link parties – Never-ending linkups & new description editor

Link Parties with No End


Ever wanted to run a link party that has no specific end? Say, like a gallery of your readers’ talents or a curated visual list of your loved posts? Well now you can.

InLinkz now enables the option to have never-ending linkups, which in effect, remove the end date and let those blog parties run indefinitely.

This opens a window to a multitude of applications including using the linkup as a common gallery, as a notepad where each user can add their ideas in visual form. This works like a powerful magnet that will bring more people to your blog party.

Frogo-big (2)1



We’ll be adding some more stuff to support the thumbnail linkups in the very near future so stay tuned!


In order to create a never-ending linkup, you just need to select the appropriate check box in the editing form:

Never ending link parties!!

Figure 1 – Just select the checkbox to instantly turn a linkup into a never ending party!


Then, just save your changes & you’re done. You will also notice that the wording on the widgets has now changed:

link parties

Figure 2 – The wording in the widgets reflects the status


images (1)12


Note: the never-ending option is only available to Extended accounts. Extend your account here


New description editor

On a side note, we updated the description editor a bit. It is more friendly & way more smart than the old one. It will check your HTML if you have inserted any, & let you know if something is wrong with it!

Edit your inlinkz link parties description easily

Figure 3 – The new Description editor and the editor selection menu

Moreover, you can choose to disable it (2) & insert plain text that will match your blog layout. Why is that? Because if plain text is entered in the blog, it inherits the default style of your blog & it seems like it is just a part of it! Try it!



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3 Responses to Link parties – Never-ending linkups & new description editor

  1. Awesome news, Aris. We are so glad to have found InLinkz all those many years ago and couldn’t live without it in our arsenal of tools for recommending books to families!

    ExDir, The Reading Tub

  2. Carol Vile says:

    Nice one Aris, I can see this will be useful.

  3. Jen says:

    Thanks so much Aris!