New feature arrived! Reorder your links with drag-and-drop!

Let’s say for example that you are hosting a link-up party, and yet your collection is the one shown below:
(please pay a little bit of attention on the third link)

links1The feature is called Sort links and you can find it on each one of your collections on the Link-up tool dashboard. For our current example we are going to use the collection called test 02.


A new window will open, and then you can sort your guests’ links as easily as dragging and dropping!
You have to press the Save changes button in order for your changes to be applied.

That was it! The link My Whole Stampin World (previously shown third on your collection) will appear first on your blog, just the way you ordered it!


Have lots of fun and use your newly acquired powers wisely!

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One Response to New feature arrived! Reorder your links with drag-and-drop!

  1. This will be CRAZY helpful!! Thanks so much!