Blog customization – & mobile device support for your users!

Extra fields for blog customization & mobile device support for your users.


Have you ever thought that – even though the image link-ups are generally an integrated experience for your users – you wanted to give them the opportunity to customize their links a little bit more? Or you wanted to have some extra information about them (like their phone number, home address & any other field you like…) but you couldn’t find a way to ask it? Extra fields is the function you were looking for!

The option dwells inside the “advanced options“.

blog customization - Inlinkz

Figure 1


The “advanced options” can be accessed by creating (1) a new collection or by editing (2) an existing one, & clicking on “Show advanced options” (at the very bottom of the page).


blog customization - Inlinkz

Figure 2



Frogo-big (3)11


Before moving forward, keep in mind that this option is only available to Extended accounts.

You can extend your account here.

The new option is included in the section “Extra input fields” & you can use it in order to collect extra data from your users. The data you will collect can be either

  • visible for the visitors of your blog.
    • you can have only one visible field per collection or,
  • invisible.
    • this kind of data is only for your own needs or purposes & you can have as many invisible fields as you want.


Let’s take a closer look at how it can be done:

  1. First, go to the bottom of the “advanced options” & find the section “Extra input fields“.
blog customization - Inlinkz

Figure 3


2.  Check “require extra input fields in entry” & then click on the big orange button entitled “Save changes“.  Consecutively, click on “Manage extra fields“.

blog customization - Inlinkz

Figure 4


3.  The following screen will show up:

blog customization - Inlinkz

Figure 5

Here you can set:

  • the name of your field (1),
  • the type of input you will be requesting (2).
  • the default value (if you want to set any) (3).
  • You can also define if the completion of the field will be mandatory or optional for the user (4) & most importantly,
  • if you want the field to be visible on your blog’s widget (5).


In our example we are going to create a “name” field:

blog customization - Inlinkz

Figure 6

Our field’s title is going to be “Name” &  its type will be text, with the default value “anonymous” (for users who might be unwilling to share their names). It is going to be both mandatory & visible for the users.


When we have completed the form we can (temporarily) save our field by clicking “Add field“.

blog customization - Inlinkz

Figure 7

The result is going to be the appearance of an array which holds the values of your newly created field.


So, let’s move on & create our second field.

Our second field is going to be of type “Number“, because we will be requesting the user’s phone number. *

blog customization - Inlinkz

Figure 8


*Notice that the two other options for the field’s type is “Date” & “Choice“. “Date” is going to provide the user with a small calendar window. For “Choice“, you will have to provide a comma separated list of values in the “Default value” input. The first value in the list will appear as the top user choice.


blog customization - Inlinkz

Figure 9


Now, both of our fields are added but they are only temporarily saved. In order to save them permanently, we have to click on “Apply” at the bottom-right corner of the window. Our extra fields are ready.

blog customization - Inlinkz

Figure 10


Let’s take a look at what the user will experience from her point of view.

blog customization - Inlinkz

Figure 11

The usual screen for the addition of an image link is going to include our newly baked extra fields!


So, the user goes on and fills in her credentials…

blog customization - Inlinkz

Figure 12


Her name is “Jenny”. Let’s check how it is going to be shown on the widget.

blog customization - Inlinkz

Figure 13


It seems that her name is not displayed at a first glance. Let’s try to hover her link maybe…

blog customization - Inlinkz

Figure 14

And… yes! Her name appears when her link is being hovered – along with the social media buttons at the bottom of the image.


As for your hidden fields, you can have their data by exporting your collection to a CSV file*:

blog customization - Inlinkz

Figure 15

*In case you do not know this already, you can then import your CSV file to Excel and get a readable form of output for your data.



But, was this all that your users can now be happy about? No. Not quite…

Your users can now participate in your link-up parties from their mobile devices as well – such as their phones and tablets!



You can take a look at how the view will be rendered in smaller devices below:

blog customization - Inlinkz & mobile devices support

Figure 16 – tablet view


blog customization - Inlinkz & mobile devices support

Figure 17 – mobile phone view


For any questions, please visit Inlinkz Support.

Happy linking!


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