Earn Money via Sharing Inlinkz

An Inlinkz LinkUp referral program available offers you the opportunity to earn money via sharing Inlinkz.


What to do.


Promote Inlinkz on your blog using a specific link.

When readers follow your link and become Inlinkz paying subscribers, you earn $1.00 for each one of them.

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And guess what?

You can either redeem your referrals to cash (through paypal) or extend your Inlinkz account.


Make a blog post about Inlinkz and let your friends know what you love about it. Or add our banner to your sidebar. Make sure to always link back to us using your referral ID. Banners, rewards and your referral ID can be found under “Account” on your Inlinkz dashboard.

You can redeem your referrals from this button:


earn money via sharing Inlinkz

Figure 1




What’s more exciting? Maybe you have earned some money already! Have you checked? Whenever you host a link-up the “powered by Inlinkz” line below your collection has your referral ID.

Go ahead! Give us a shout on your blog and social media and earn money now!


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