Srecific Number of Blog Posts for Your Users

How to set a maximum number of blog posts for your users.


Do you think that some of your users may feel neglected or somehow “cheated” by the fact that others overdo it with the number of their posts?

Do you feel that your link-ups are a little bit burdened by the over-presence of some & it is unfair for the rest?

Are you unable to control this behavior by putting restrictions because it is totally random?


This problem can be easily solved.

Just go to the “advanced options” of one of your collections.

blog posts

Figure 1


The “advanced options” can be accessed by creating (1) a new collection or by editing (2) an existing one, & clicking “Show advanced options” (at the very bottom of the page).


blog posts - Inlinkz

Figure 2

Frogo-big (3)11


Before moving forward, please note that this option is only available to Extended accounts.

Extend your account here.


The new option is located under the section of “Linking options” & gives you the opportunity to set your users’ posts to a maximum number. This way, they will not be able to  show their presence more than once, twice or whatever number of times you have allowed them to.
The restrictions are set on the user’s URL, & the email address, both or either, & are generally applied to every user – the principles are very much the same with the ones for the “block” feature explained in the previous post.

blog posts - Inlinkz

Figure 3

The default option is “No limit“. In our example we will choose to limit our users’ posts by their URL – so that they will not be able to post links from the same web page more than a specific number of times. Choose “URL” from the list.

blog posts - Inlinkz

Figure 4


The “Max number of links allowed” will become enabled & we can now set the value (we will use “2” for this example).

images (1)12


Note: that you have to use the arrows on the right in order to increase/decrease the number value.

blog posts - Inlinkz

Figure 5

After having followed this procedure click on “Save changes” (at the very bottom of the page)… & you are done!


Now, let’s say that one of your users has already posted twice using links from the same web page.
blog posts - Inlinkz

Figure 6 – link moderation view


blog posts - Inlinkz

Figure 7 – front – end view on blog


When she tries to create a 3rd link, the widget will prohibit her presenting the following screen:

blog posts - Inlinkz

Figure 8

So, everybody’s links will be limited to 2 (for the same URL).


For any questions, please visit Inlinkz Support.

Happy linking!


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