Affiliate Blogging – Manage products in your Library

After you have created your own product library, the affiliate blogging goes on by learning how to manage these products in your library.




Affiliate Blogging - Manage products in your Library

Figure 1

For each product in your library there is a toolbar that allows you to manage it. Let’s take a look at what all these buttons mean.
Below is a description of what each icon does in the order they appear.


2015-10-02_12h33_56It opens a window where you can see some information for this product (such as in how many collections it appears, it’s name, description etc.)


2015-10-02_12h36_15 It allows you to create a button that links to this product that you can add to your blog. All you have to do is select the size of the button and we’ll provide you the code to copy and paste it.


2015-10-02_12h37_57Click on this icon if you want to check that the link works correctly or just hover over it to check it out.



The pencil icon is about editing. So click on this icon if you want to edit the details of this product.


2015-10-02_12h42_37Click on this icon to see a number of statistics about this products (such as how many times it was clicked in a certain period of time).


2015-10-02_12h43_12Click on the bin to delete the product from your library. Deleting a product from your library will affect all the product lists that this product appears.


Coming Next: Project & Product Navigation


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