Announcing your LinkUp

Announcing the linkup is a big step. You already know what the theme is, when it starts and when it ends and you have set the (not overwhelming) rules of the party. Now it is time to let people know.


How to make the announcement 

  • Of course you will send to your mailing list if you have one.
  • Other ways of notifying people is your social media.
  • Also, new blog posts generate new feed items so adding a small blog post just to announce the linkup a couple of days before the actual event is a great idea. Keep it short so it displays all important information before any “read more” links and if your theme is a visual one, add the best photo/illustration you can find that represents that theme.


Frogo-big (5)1Announcing time 

Take into account when your readers are most active. This will help you to land your announcement in their mailboxes and feeds at the right time. Just think of your own twitter feed. We usually read only stuff that is at the top of the feed, while we are online. Again, mail is better for announcement because eventually, everyone will read their emails but tweets and posts to FB, are forgotten once they start moving towards the bottom.

The following graph displays InLinkz activity throughout a typical week. You will notice the trend that suggests people being active in the morning and then late in the evening. Moreover, weekends seem slower than weekdays.

(the sample data for these graphs are based on the last 1.000.000 links entered in various InLinkz linkups).

Percentage of weekly entries vs time of day:


linkup statistics

Figure 1


Percentage of total weekly entries vs Day of week:


linkup statistics

Figure 2


Daily Percentage of Links entered per hour:


linkup statistics

Figure 3


You can use the scheduling capabilities of email list webapps (such as mailchimp mentioned earlier) and you can also use timed tweets (hootsuite does this) so you can schedule your tweets and facebook posts too. This will allow you to layout your mentions when your readers will be most active. Don’t hesitate to ask people to like/retweet. You’ll be amazed of how effective is to just ask to retweet your message.



While partying…

From now on, you will start receiving new entries.

Almost the same as above, is valid after the linkup opens. This is where you get social mentions from your entrants.

You can help and promote your linkup by retweeting and saying thank you to your partygoers! The most efficient method, though, is to leave a comment on the blog post they linked up. It is immediate gratification for them and it is so easy to just say thank you when you get your first links in your linkup!

It is also very easy, if you set InLinkz to send you an email when someone enters a link because you can check and visit the target blog with a single click. No need to search all your links and try to find which one you haven’t left a comment at yet.

announcing your linkup

Figure 4


One thing worth mentioning is that links displayed in the widget, have buttons to make easier to share both the target blog link and yours with a single click:

sharing your linkup

Figure 5

Your readers (and you of course) can use this to tweet/post/pin to their followers whichever link they like. So it is a good practice to remind it to them if you can (preferably in your blog post).

One last tip: You can schedule a blog post/tweet/facebook post/Google plus post about a day before the linkup ends. This will remind people that the party is going strong but it will soon end so they better hurry up!

A sense of urgency in your words will make those that leave stuff for the last minute (which is a big chunk of the human population) to come and see and still give them enough time to prepare something to link up with.

Notifying people just a couple of hours before expiration is almost pointless as they will feel they lost the party.


After the blog party

There is a major difference between normal parties and linkups. In the latter, you do not have to clean up the mess. You probably got some awesome blog love and your linkup is bigger than last time. You also have new happy readers. Yay!

  • First of all, you need to thank them properly. It is easy! Since you have their email addresses, export them to a new list in mailchimp. Then, send an email to this new list with a thank you notice. After sending those emails, you can merge this new list with the main list you collect your email subscribers (If you do not have one yet, this will serve as your main list also). You can also include a teaser of next time’s theme. If they liked this one, they’ll love the next! Remember what we’ve mentioned of having a couple of themes thought out in advance? This is where you will need them.
  • From there on, you can check your statistics. You might want to wait a day or so, as GA has a small lag in updating its data. You’ll have a complete image after this.

You can also enjoy the rest of the day by just browsing. Your party was awesome, your house is clean and you just need some time for yourself now!!


Let’s move onto the next & last post of this topic to summarize what we’ve learned: While Planning a Blog Party


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