Throw a Successful Blog Party with LinkUp

Throwing a successful blog party, is now as easy as pie with LinkUp.


What is a LinkUp


Whether you call it a “linky tool”, a “linky”, a blog party, a grid or a blog hop, the linkup is a very efficient way to connect with your readers. It is an active social blogging event that brings bloggers together. The way linkups work allows you, the blogger that runs the linkup, to create a different kind of relationship with your readers.

What usually happens is that the blog reader acts as a content consumer. They visit, they read and leave. There are some occasions when they may leave a comment here and there but that is all. As soon as the blog post is read, it is discarded and the reader just waits passively for your next post to repeat the process.

What needs to be done is to engage the reader and make them feel this is their blog too; that there is something they own in this blog post. This will turn them into a more loyal, active reader and a contributor to your blogging success. This is where the linkup comes in:


How it works.


The InLinkz linkup tool will let you create a widget within your blog post, that allows your readers to add their own links to your linkup. This produces a colorful gallery that is built by your readers with their own posts:

Example of a linkup in a nail-contest blog, blog party about a nail contest

Figure 1


How does this help my blog.


Let’s start with raw traffic. Bloggers that see your linkup and add their own post, will create some traffic for you. These will most probably be your readers already, so, the change may not be that big. You just recycle your following.

Actually, if you stop here, it will probably not help that much.

Most linkups that fail, do so for one reason. They just exist. Some of your regular readers, that already read your blog, will add their link in that failed linkup and they will also expect to get some traffic out of it. Imagine what happens next! Well, nothing happens.

It is like having a knife and expect it to work by dropping fruit on it. You have to use it properly.


Here are the first steps you can take so you get the most out of your linkup:


Ways to increase your linkup traffic.


Running a linkup is somewhat like organizing a party at your home.  You organize the party, guests come, they bring some presents (maybe), they party and get to know each other and then they leave.

Let’s analyze the above party: The “Invitation” part is deliberately missing from the above sentence. Imagine what a party would that be if no one showed up. Because we didn’t invite anybody!

So you prepare and send out invitations. In the blogging counterpart, you need to set up and announce your blog party (your linkup).


Preparing for your linkup is most of the work that has to be done. In order to fully engage your audience, you need to have a well-prepared linkup. Following is what you need to have before you start partying:


Your linkup needs a theme.  In real life, when you celebrate something, your party has a theme. A Halloween party or 5 years of marriage. Or just come and grab a mojito.

In the blogging world, it depends on your blog content. The most obvious example would be a photography blog where each reader that links up, should, for example, add a macro photo of nature:

Example of a nature photo linkup, blog party with a nature theme

Figure 2

Each blogger group of course, will have different categories where you can base your theme. There are literally thousands of different themes out there and the only limit is each blogger’s imagination. Just make sure that the theme you choose will not be either too vague, or too difficult for entrants to capture.

Not having a theme will allow, well, anyone to take part in the blog party. And this is not always good as it could be an awkward and ugly linkup where nothing fits anywhere. Moreover, readers love a challenge.

You want to have an effective linkup that people visiting your blog, will also visit the bloggers that added those entries too. Your participants will notice the difference and they will appreciate the opportunity to expose their work through your blog.

In general, a theme helps not only to bring the right quality of bloggers to your linkup, but to produce an aesthetically pleasing thumbnail grid as well. This will increase your blog’s “WOW” factor to new visitors and make it easier for them to remember that your linkups have awesome entries!

Guess what. This will make them come for more!


For a step by step tutorial that will guide you through all the features and advantages of Inlinkz LinkUp follow the links below in the order they appear.

If however you need to learn more about a specific topic just click the one you are interested in.


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