Inlinkz LinkUp Advanced Options

In order to customize your Inlinkz LinkUp in a more appropriate way take a look at your advanced options:


inlinkz linkup - advanced options

Figure 1


At the bottom of the form and just before the “Save” button you can have access to the advanced options.

Advanced – View Options


inlinkz linkup - advanced options

Figure 2


The new widget has the advantage of creating pages. In order to avoid long linkups and prevent users from scrolling down to search for all the entries there is another way to define the number of links per page. The default value is 200 but you can change this number according to your preferences .

Here is how the page will be displayed:


inlinkz linkup - advanced options

Figure 3


Advanced – Linking Options


inlinkz linkup - advanced options

Figure 4


1. A permalink is a URL that links directly to a blog post and not to a general blog.

Click this if you want your readers to submit only permalinks and not a general link to their blog. This will make it easier for everyone to find the submitted entry even if they have uploaded more posts on their blog after the actual submitted one.

2. Check this if you want to enable your readers to submit their entries ONLY if they are linking back to you from their blog.
3. If you want to check up each entry before it is displayed publicly thne ckeck out this checkbox.
4. This is only usefull when you allow your readers to delete their own links and a number is displayed before each entry.

If a user comes back to delete her entry then Inlinkz will automatically replace the numbers in all entries without leaving a gap. If you want to retain this gap in the numbering then check this button.

5. When readers add their links they have to fill in the following default fields:
inlinkz linkup - advanced options

Figure 5


You have the option to change the wording of the “Link title:” to whatever pleases you. For example change it to “Latest DIY Project” or “Favorite cookie recipe” by typing it to this field (5).
The reader will now see the customized entry box.


Advanced – Challenge Options


inlinkz linkup - advanced options

Figure 6


A link-up can be setup as a challenge through which winners can be selected.

1. You can select the number of winners that your linkup will have (between 1 and 6)
2.Choose the way the winners will be selected.
  • You can pick them manually,
  • we can pick them for you randomly or
  • pick a winner based on votes (if voting was enabled on your linkup)
3. You can enter a text here if you want to have the winners notified via e-mail.


Advanced – Extra Input Fields


inlinkz linkup - advanced options

Figure 7


When you set a new LinkUp all of your readers must fill in some default fields in order to submit their entry. These include a name/description, their email and a link to their entry (not mandatory for giveaways). In order to add more fields to the default ones then you need to click the checkbox on Figure 7. A window will pop-up where you can set up the details of the field you want your readers to fill in. (Figure 8)


inlinkz linkup - advanced options

Figure 8

1. The name that will be displayed when the user sees the extra field
2. Type of the input field (text, Date, number or choice)
3. If you want, you can put a default value to be inserted allowing the user to edit it. You can always leave that blank.
4. If the “Required” checkbox is checked, then the user must enter this info

Here are a couple of examples:

Example 1:
In case you want the user to enter their favorite color you can write in the “Field name” the wording “Favorite color” and select the “Field type” to be “text”. Leave the “default value” empty and click the “required” if you want them to fill in that box.

Example 2:
In case you want them to choose something from a drop down box then you should select “choice” in the “Field type” and fill the “Default Value” with all the available values separated with commas. Let’s say we want them to fill in how many kids they have.


inlinkz linkup - advanced options

Figure 9


Note that in the above example I selected “Choice” and added all the values separated with commas. Once everything is ready just hit “Add Field” and then “Apply”.
Here is what the end user will see:


inlinkz linkup - advanced options

Figure 10


The extra field has been added.


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