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Let’s see how “Voting” works on an Inlinkz LinkUp


inlinkz linkup voting

Figure 1


When readers are able to vote they will see a grey little heart at the top right corner of each entry (1). Once the heart is clicked it will turn red (2).

Voting is only available on thumbnail LinkUps. You can set up the voting “start date” in the “Duration of LinkUp” section, at the top of this form
Keep in mind that once the voting starts the collection will close and no further entries will be allowed.
The voting will end on the “End Date” that you set up in the “Duration of LinkUp” section at the top of this form.


Voting Options


inlinkz linkup voting

Figure 2


1. You can set up how many votes your readers can cast (from 1 up to 10 votes).
2. You can choose if you want to display the number of votes on each entry before the voting has finished. Or leave the box unchecked and no one will know who is winning until the end!

Here is how the LinkUp looks when the option “display votes” is turned on:


inlinkz linkup voting

Figure 3


The number of votes on each entry will appear just below the image while voting is still available.


inlinkz linkup voting

Figure 4


As soon as the voting ends, you have a number of sorting options:

1. If you select this checkbox then all the images will be sorted according to the votes (the image with the most votes is first).
2. Maybe your readers would feel uncomfortable if they didn’t get a vote or they are at the end on this sorted list.

Just select a value from this drop-down list and only top winners will be displayed. Select only the top 3 winners, or the top 5. You have the option to go up to 30 top winners. The default value is “all” which means that every entry will appear at the end based on the sorting you did in the previous step.


inlinkz linkup voting

Figure 5


In this section you have the option to save all the settings of this linkup as a template. This is usefull if you are using the same settings over and over again on your LinkUps such as in memes.
Set up a name for your template in the “Template name” field (1) and select a “template repeat rate” from the drop down box (2).
This will the duration of your linkups. You can choose between weekly, two weeks, monthly and even every nth of the month (e.g on the 15th of every month)
If you don’t want to create a saved setting, just leave the “template name” blank.

In our example, suppose we want to create a saved setting, so we fill in the “Template name” with eg. MondayMeme and the “template repeat rate” to weekly.
Then press submit as usual. The collection script will be presented and the collection can be used in your pages.
Keep in mind that this template was created while I was creating a Link-Up collection called “Flowers“.

Now if you go to the dashboard the template is saved and you can create a new LinkUp based on it’s settings. All you need to do is select the name of the template (MondayMeme in our example) instead of general settings.


inlinkz linkup voting

Figure 6


If you choose the template and hit “Create” not only the settings of the template are now available in your newly created collection but the start and end time will be adjusted according to the “template repeat rate“. In our example, the rate is weekly, so the new collection will be placed one week later from the start time of the first collection.

Please note…

If you delete the “originating” collection, you will remove it’s saved settings as well.


if you remove “Flowers” collection, the option “MondayMeme” will not be available in the drop down menu.

If you edit the “originating” collection, you will edit the saved settings too.


Don’t miss the next section titled: Inlinkz LinkUp – Advanced Options


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