Successful Affiliate Blogging with the Inlinkz Project Manager – Product list

The Final step of your affiliate blogging is to create lists using the Project Manager.


Let’s create a product list.

Let’s try creating a product list and test the functionality with the shops that can be found inside InLinkz.

After clicking on “add new list” you will be presented with an empty space on the right side of the dashboard, where you can drop products from the library on the left:


Affiliate Blogging with the Inlinkz Project Manager - Product List

Figure 1

The blue tick icon at (1) is just a check that you have correctly set an affiliate connection with the current shop you are searching for (selectable from the drop down list just left of this mark).

So, just put a search term in box (2) & click on search. The results will be immediately displayed underneath from where you can just drag and drop them in the empty space on the right.

The links in the list, will be automatically constructed to contain your affiliate ID and everything that is needed so you can attach your links to the affiliate network, without needing to go through the process of making those links by yourself.

This will allow you to create a list with whatever you need. You are not bound to a shop. You can use all shops if you like & you can even add your own links.

So, let’s add a link of our own to a shop that is not available in the shops list. You can still connect it to affiliates*.

We’ll see the ultra-quick & easy way to add the link here.

For more information about adding links, you can check the blog at


Affiliate Blogging with the Inlinkz Project Manager - Product List

Figure 2


Drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar.

Now, when you are in the shop where the product you want to add, is available, you can just click on the bookmark you just dragged to your bar.
What this does, is that it pops up a window inside the shop website to allow you to pick images and text for the URL that the page currently points.

When you go to the page of the following product, you can click on the bookmarklet and then:


Affiliate Blogging with the Inlinkz Project Manager - Product List

Figure 3


Clicking the bookmarklet in a product page.
  1. Click on “image” button. All available (and compatible) images will get an orange border.
  2. Just click on the image you want & the field beside the “Image” button will be automatically completed.
  3. In order to add a description, just highlight the text you want and…
  4. Click on the Name and/or Description buttons. This will automatically fill their respective fields.
  5. Then select one of the affiliates you have already set in the InLinkz Project Manager dashboard.
  6. Click “Insert” & you’re done! The link will appear at your link library in the project manager dashboard.

You can now use this link to this product normally. Whenever it is inserted in a product list, it will lead to this very page, through the affiliate you just selected from the drop down menu at (5).

After creating the list.

You have created the list. It will be automatically connected to your affiliates.

Now what?


Affiliate Blogging with the Inlinkz Project Manager - Product List

Figure 4


Just click on get script and copy the code you want to put in your blog.
It works exactly as the code insertion in the linkup tool. You can check that on the first part too.

 Frogo-big (2)1

There is another very cool feature here:


Affiliate Blogging with the Inlinkz Project Manager - Product List

Figure 5


Insert your product list in your YouTube description field!

If you have a YouTube channel, you can add your product list there too. The links are still valid (but only text as YouTube does not have a way to insert images in the description field)
We will talk about this and other advanced features in our next article.


Frogo-big (3)11

Assorted small print regarding affiliates.


*remember that some shops may need to approve your application, before you are able to connect to them through an affiliate.


The Disclosure Disclaimer

The Federal Trade commission has weighed in how affiliate programs work. Affiliates need to disclose when they’re using affiliate links in order to protect consumers.
What this means in plain words, is that it is best to mention somewhere in your site that you use affiliate links “where possible”.
If you want to be perfectly clear, you can mention it in your post.
Small tip: It is wise to mention to your readers that while you will be making a dollar if they purchase things by clicking on your product list, this extra for you is not coming out of their pockets. Let them know that they will still pay the exact same amount that they would pay if they went directly to the shop itself. In most cases, even if they use a discount coupon, you still get your commission and they still get the discount.



Once the initial setup is in place, you only need to create lists, drag & drop products and put the script in your blog.

With this, you have a fully manageable product list, which not only displays products & goes to shops but also connects your products to the shop through your affiliate networks and keeps track of simple statistics like clicks & impressions.

This is a proven method to monetize your crafting/DIY blog, with the least work possible & with the best results.

And it looks GOOD!

It saves an immense amount of time, you could be spending on crafting & generates more leads for you.


Don’t miss our next topic titled: “A step by step guide on using the Inlinkz Project Manager”


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