Successful Affiliate Blogging with the Inlinkz Project Manager – What the project manager does

In order for your affiliate blogging to be successful you have to find a way to overcome its time consuming nature. Guess what! We did it for you with the Inlinkz Project Manager.


Oh, the pain, the unbearable pain!

The main pain that the Project Manager addresses is that while product review marketing is a very efficient method to promote products (and getting paid for doing so), it is overly complex & difficult for the average crafting blogger who may not have a technical background and is not necessarily interested in acquiring one. Moreover, the images are difficult to create one by one.


This is what the project manager does.


The InLinkz Project Manager takes care of the tech stuff & makes it easy and quick to list all your products inside your blog post. You save the frustration, make more & create more crafting time for yourself!

  • It allows you to easily create product lists for your blog, use images instead of text & connect them to your favorite shops & affiliates without needing to have any coding background or technical knowledge.

    It does so, through an easy-to-use interface with just drag and drop.

  • It helps you increase your income from your blog as it immensely increases the percentage of click rate on your products (more products, images, easy to use interface)
  • It helps you save time.

    The interface is simple & gets the job done quickly, so you can craft more instead of wasting your time to produce text only affiliate links from just one or two shops.

  • It increases your project traffic.

    A new feature of the InLinkz project manager is that it also allows you to connect products you have used with projects you have created. Your readers are now able to navigate through all your projects within your blog that use a specific product you have listed in your supplies list. This makes the connection between the products much stronger as they have seen numerous examples of how it is used around your blog & also recycles the traffic you get to your projects.

  • Moreover, the links in your library are completely reusable, so you can insert them to as many product lists as you want.

    For crafting people this is a plus. You use some thing continuously: Papers, glues, favorite scissors & Vagabonds/Cuttlebugs are used all the time. It would be a pity to have to create links for those loved supplies all the time! (Or even copy-paste the HTML code you painstakingly created for them last time).

Affiliate Blogging with the Inlinkz Project Manager - What the project manager does

Figure 1


An example product list by the InLinkz Project Manager:

Let’s see how simple it is:

First of all we need to know what is on our project manager screen.

When you hop on your project manager dashboard, on the left side you will see your link library. This is where you add links from wherever you want that you may use when creating a product list.


Affiliate Blogging - The InLinkz Project Manager dashboard

Figure 2 – InLinkz Project Manager Dashboard.


You will notice that the tab at the top has two selections:
My links” contains only the links you may have created manually which, as we will see in a while, is very easy.


Affiliate Blogging with the Inlinkz Project Manager - What the project manager does

Figure 3


The “shops” tab enables you to search for products that are already in the InLinkz database so you can drag and drop them immediately to your list.

Frogo-big (2)1


We are continuously adding new shops and manufacturers to this shop list & you’ll soon have the ability to search for products based on the affiliate networks you are subscribed.


Affiliate Blogging with the Inlinkz Project Manager - What the project manager does - Shops tab

Figure 4


On the right hand of the dashboard, you can see the lists you created.

You are able to add new links & lists edit the ones you have & watch their performance by taking the statistics.

So when you create a list you can either search in the left side, under the shops tab, if the products you want are already in the InLinkz database or create your own.

In order to use the Inlinkz Project Manager to generate an income, you have to register as a user for an affiliate network (for example ShareASale or AvantLink).
There, you will get an affiliate number. You may want to keep it somewhere handy as it will be required to be entered (once) where we set our affiliates in the Project manager.

You can see examples of where those numbers are located here:

  • For AvantLink: HERE
  • For Shareasale: HERE

Then, you can apply to a shop of your choice in order to accept this connection between their products in the affiliate network.


What do I do with those numbers?


Affiliate Blogging with the Inlinkz Project Manager - Setting up affiliates in InLinkz

Figure 5


You can set up the affiliate-connecting part of InLinkz. When you have your affiliate numbers and have been approved by a shop (not always necessary), you can then go to your InLinkz dashboard to set it up once and for all and then forget about it:


Here, you can add a new affiliate connection.


Affiliate Blogging with the Inlinkz Project Manager - Setting affiliate fields

Figure 6


Setting 2, 3 and 4 is easy. Just click on the small life vests at the far right of the screen to see where you can retrieve the number from (these are the numbers we mentioned earlier.)

In case of shops, all the information regarding shops, is already entered. You only need to add your own affiliate id.

That’s all!

 Click here to see how you can create a product list.


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