Successful Affiliate Blogging with the Inlinkz Project Manager

Affiliate blogging is the tool to make extra income as a blogger. Let’s scroll down to see why:


While each crafty blogger is unique, some have considered creating an income out of their art form.
Regarding monetization, crafters are divided into three categories.

  1. First, there are people that not only create but also monetize their art form.
  2. Then, there are people that would like to monetize on their craft but have not the time or patience to do that.
  3. Last there are people that have never thought about monetizing their craft, either because they think it’s too difficult or because they think it is a waste of time.

Of course there are people that would not even consider to monetize their crafting/DIY blog, not a bit, not even to the point to break even for the supplies they purchase. There are features in the Project manager that will help them too but this is another topic.


For a step by step tutorial that will guide you through all the features and advantages of Project Manager follow the links below in the order they appear.

If however you need to learn more about a specific topic just click the one you are interested in.


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