While Planning A Blog Party

Planning a Blog Party:

To-Do List


  1. Find theme – or find more than one & note the rest for future use

    • Theme requirements
      • Depends on your blog content.
      • Neither too vague, nor too difficult for entrants to capture.
    • Rules
      • Your users
        • Notify their following.
        • Promise to visit & leave a comment on other participants blogs too.
        • Follow you on your social media accounts.
        • Agree to be notified about subsequent linkups.
        • Put a banner on their own blog that they are partying here.
      • You
        • Plan ahead.
          • Have a specific strategy for your LinkUp.
          • Put yourself in your readers’ shoes.
        • Watch the traffic statistics.
  2. Create the blogpost

    • Create your button if any.
    • Experiment in another blog (blogger, wordpress.com, typepad).
    • Play with linkup widget – at least if you are new to this.
    • Make sure the code of the post is correct before adding a widget.
    • Don’t just put the linkup code. Place rules and description in your blog post so search engines can crawl it.
    • Do you want notification emails?
      • Set Inlinkz to send you an e-mail, every time someone enters a link.
  3. Announce linkup to twitter, facebook & google plus

    • Time your announcements.
    • Schedule posts, emails and tweets.
    • Mention start – end dates & theme (roughly at least, so people have time to prepare their posts, if needed).
    • Ask people to retweet, spread the word.
    • Email your mailing list subscribers about the upcoming linkup.
  4. While running

    • Say “thank you” to entrants’ blogs – Use the notification email to save clicks.
    • Retweet your entrants’ tweets, like their posts.
    • Notify people about a day before party closing time – with a sense of urgency. NOT only a few hours before the close.
    • Be a good host.
  5. Ending – after the blog party

    • Create new list from emails.
    • Send thank you.
    • Merge list with original.
  6.  Enjoy!                                                                                                                                               Frogo-big (4)1

    • Spend the rest of the day just browsing!
    • Have some time for yourself!



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