7 ways to improve your craft or DIY blog by hosting a blog party

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You already have your own craft or DIY blog, where you are sharing all the creative work you are proud of. Now, it is time for you to promote your work and give new traffic to your blog by hosting a blog party. Blog parties can do miracles and give you great attention to your projects.

Writing on a blog is a brilliant way to promote your work, website or online craft shop and it can really works for you. But, improvements are always appreciated!

Even though you produce excellent content and share it on social media, an extraordinary way to boost your traffic and promote your work is to run a blog party.

Why are those blog parties so powerful?

Connect with a bigger audience

A blog party is a great way to engage with your readers as well as with other blog owners. These parties offer to bloggers – especially those from the same niches- a chance to follow others work and why not sharing it with their audience. If you organize an interesting blog party, with an attractive theme, other bloggers will be excited to share that news with their followers. They are party-goers too! And, this will be a great opportunity  for you not only to increase your traffic but also to reach them too.

Blog parties can also be a good source for those who don’t have their own blogs. If, for example, someone is interested in making a purchase, a relevant blog party can be a valuable source of multiple DIY ideas and craft styles and why not, it can result in a good sale. Thus, it is an excellent idea for shop owners as well to use blog parties to showcase their clients’ creations with their products. And what better way to promote a product than demonstrating how people are actually using it!

Moreover, readers won’t need to search for various sites, opening one by one. They will have all links in one place and can decide immediately which work suits them.

To thank you, they’ll continue to follow your blog, write comments and announce to everyone that they found a perfect source for their next purchase.


Get more social media followers for your DIY or craft blog

Your craft or DIY blog has already an online presence on socials. Still, you can increase the number of people who like your page or follow you by setting a rule for your link parties! For example, setting as a rule to follow you on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest) will allow you to quickly build those communication channels too.

InLinkz provides tools to easily announce the links each participant submits as soon as they do. Of course, in the tweet, post or pin, both the entrant’s link and yours are present by default so they get to brag about it too! It’s a win-win scenario.

This brings purely new visitors for you. Some of these new visitors will be next link parties’s contributors which will, in turn, invite their own following (making your next link party entry count bigger and growing your subscribers list).

Build your email list

It is well known that email lists are a very powerful marketing tool and they can be used not only to promote activities around your craft or DIY blog, but to make a good sales campaign too.

After each link party ends, you have the option to utilize the emails of all the entrants. Isn’t that just great? Then, you can integrate them with your email marketing tool and start sending your DIY news! Just make sure you have requested your entrants consent about collecting their email address and let them know how and for what purpose you are going to use it, if you want to be GDPR compliant

Attract other bloggers to follow you

The first blog party is always a challenge. You are putting all your efforts to organize it but only few people may join. Don’t despair!

Like in every segment of life, the first steps are always the most difficult. After the blog party spreads around, more and more bloggers will start to follow you. Some bloggers will place their links just from curiosity. But, they will see that it actually helps them to gain more traffic too.

Blog parties are always different, because different themes attract different bloggers. So, it’s never boring to receive an invitation for new party. After all, we all like parties, don’t we?

“If you really like it then put my banner on your site!”

If your participants had a great time at your party then they’ll definitely do so! Asking your participants to put your banner in their blog is like leaving a note in their door that notifies their visitors where they’re partying.

This will increase your traffic – everyone will be more than interested in clicking, especially if your banner is attractive and your blog party theme amazing.

The other benefit of the banner is getting backlinks. In order to get ranked higher from search engines, you need to have good referrals from other blogs. In return, those bloggers who are sharing your banner at their blog will get one more interesting source for their readers. InLinkz can help you in a way that you can enforce this rule from the dashboard. Nobody will be able to add their link to your linkup unless InLinkz detects a valid backlink on their blog post.


Share news about your blog party with everyone

Are people not familiar with your craft of DIY work and you think you have a lot to say? A blog party can be a good starting point.

It’s always difficult to attract more people to visit your blog. But, people will come to a party! This is the chance for you to show your work. If the theme is interesting and they want to share their link too, most probably they will be interested to see who you are and what you are doing. The only thing left is to impress them!

If you have a variety news to share (for example you are doing DIY, papercrafts, sewing etc), each day in a week can be a different party. Use Mondays’ party for sewing and make Fridays’ party a great source of link parties for the cards you are creating!

Get ideas from your blog party

A blog party is a great chance to meet new people, new bloggers and get to know their work. You’ll see many interesting things and be able to get inspiration and ideas for your next DIY project or craft.

By visiting new blogs, you can get a broader picture not only about their work, but it can help you to see the way they promote their content, where do they share their posts or how interactive their website is.

For sure, you’ll find something that works for you too!

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3 Responses to 7 ways to improve your craft or DIY blog by hosting a blog party

  1. Aimee says:

    Is there a sample of a typical blog party?

    • InLinkz says:

      Hello Aimee! You can find a sample of a typical blog party here: UrbanNaturale
      Also, you can use our blog page to find out many details on how to create a blog party. There are many bloggers who are using InLinkz every day, so if you need anything else, we’ll be happy to help you.

  2. Calvin says:

    Thank you for sharing this useful idea, we are about to launch a DIY blog on our online shopping website and will use this strategy for same.