Why is it good to have daily linkup parties

daily linkup parties

Daily linkup parties! Every day is a new opportunity for blogging

Every day is a new opportunity. Can daily linkup parties be something that can make your blog more attractive?

Like in a real life, your blog party needs to have a good theme and good timing.

A good theme is one of the best ways to attract other bloggers to join your blog party. A theme will help them to understand if they would like to join your blog hop and if so, what do they have to bring with them.

In real life, when you call people to join an event which is considered as generic, like a birthday party for example, most probably they will all come. But if you make a Halloween party, some of them might not come because this theme is not familiar to them.

The same happens with blog parties. If you are writing about how to create e.g. a felt rinoceros, bloggers who are already doing DIY crafts will be more than happy to join your party. However, mums or make-up bloggers, who are not so familiar with this topic, will most probably skip it.


Why is it so important to make a blog party which will attract more bloggers to join?


First step is already done by using linkups – you can connect with your readers and bring them together. So, when you have them all together, you need to think carefully what themes will be of interest to them.

If your blog belongs to the one blogger’s group, like craft blogs or travelling blogs, most of the time your goal is to attract other bloggers who are writing about similar things. What about the others, who are maybe interested in your posts, but they simply can’t find you?

This is where linkups can help!

Think what might be the topic which will attract bloggers who are writing about something else to visit your blog? There are many mums among DIY craft blog writers, so why not to try to reach them and increase the number of your readers?


How to make a good choice of link parties which everyone can join?


The best way is to have several blog topics during the week. This is where daily linkup parties can help! Some days can be reserved for topics you are covering in your blog (for example, topics which can concern mums, travelling or DIY blogs), but other days can have general topics which will attract all.

Here are some proposals which will help you to understand how to make the best strategy for daily linkup parties.




Daily linkup parties


Try to make blog parties as often as you can, with variety of topics which can interest every blogger, no matter in which blogger’s group they belong.


Monday linkup parties


Monday is always considered as the beginning of the week, where you are preparing yourself for the things that have to be done in a week ahead. This day is perfect for selecting a theme which can be general and which every blogger can join.

Good theme for Monday linkups can be inspiration. No matter what is the topic of your blog, everybody has and needs inspiration. Craft bloggers may be inspired by spring to create new cards, but at the same time a mum can be inspired with a nice, sunny day to finally go out and enjoy playing with her kids outdoors.

For those who have coaching blogs, inspiration can be a success they made with their last client. Traveler bloggers can find inspiration for their next trip and bloggers who are selling goods can be inspired to add a new product in their catalog.

So inspiration on Monday linkups can be a topic that bloggers will like, and they would love to share their experiences in linkups.


Tuesday linkup parties


When you finish with general topic and gather all these interesting bloggers at one place, now it is time to focus on those who have similar content as yours. This will be a good way to understand what they are doing and get ideas for yourself. Also, this can be a good source for everyone else who is searching for some specific answers. They will appreciate the opportunity to expose their work through your blog.

If you have a DIY craft blog, your Tuesday linkup can be about new projects. What are the new things that other bloggers have created, how did they do it  (they can share their “how to” blogs), why did they created it…Everything about new crafts can be added there.

With Tuesday linkups, bloggers will be happy because they will gain more readers, which will get familiar with their work, and you will get new ideas and gain traffic to your blog.


Wednesday linkup parties


Let’s make another general topic day! Wednesday can be a good day for topics about learning. What different bloggers can learn from each other? Why did they fail to do something? Or how they made a successful sale, or met someone who helped them to further develop their blog, skills, business?

This Wednesday linkup will literally be interesting to everyone. And every blogger will find something interesting to read.


Thursday linkup parties


Thursday can be reserved for bloggers that belongs to your blogger’s category. This day will allow them to share their experiences with specific topics, dealing with problems they might have.

For example, if you have craft DIY blog, your Thursday linkup can be about how to choose the best paper or textile for your next project, or what to do with paper of textile that has left. For mums, this day can cover topics like why babies are not sleeping or eating, why children are not sociable or have too many friends. Coaching bloggers can for example talk about finding a new client or how to advertise their business. Traveler bloggers can discuss about accommodations and tickets.

So, each and every category can find an interesting topic which can help and give some precious answers to everyone.


Friday linkup parties


Make Friday linkups the best and the most interesting. It’s time for all bloggers to relax and have a nice blog party! Maybe this can be a day when bloggers can share their best posts. Or their most popular posts. Or whatever they choose. Or you can do a combination of all those, by changing it every Friday?

We are leaving Friday linkups up to you! You know best how your readers like to party!




Why is it good to use daily linkup parties?


Blog readers are acting as content consumers. They visit blogs, read and leave. Announcing daily linkups can engage them to stay more and make them feel that this is their blog too, since they always have a chance to add something new there. This will turn them into more loyal, active readers and contributors to your blogging success.

No matter which theme you select, bloggers will know what to expect from your blog party. If they have something new to share, your Tuesday linkup is the best way to do it. And every Tuesday they will be there.

Daily linkup parties will be a good inspiration for them. They will visit your linkups not only to read what’s new, but also to find new and inspiring theme to their next blog post.

And, they will be more than happy to stop by next day, to see what’s going on. Because they’ll know that your blog parties are not something they would like to miss.

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