Blog challenge how-to: promote your online shop and products

Chances are, you have an online shop or products to sell, but you don’t know how to find the right customers? Try a blog challenge!

Linkup challenge to promote shop or product Inlinkz



Link parties are a good way to connect with people. Some of them will just use your linkup party to share their post and further promote their work, but the majority will do something else – they’ll read other posts shared on your linky party.


Call it curiosity, comparison or liking to stay informed, but week by week these people will return and submit their new work at your next linkup party again and again.

That’s how successful link parties will help you to drive traffic on your blog. But, if you’re making and selling your own products or having a shop, linkups can be a great way to further promote them, attract customers, and why not, capture the attention of other high-profile bloggers who could write about your products or your business.


Run a blog challenge to promote your online business

One of the most difficult parts of any business is promoting your products. So, the goal of your blog should be to connect with the potential customers.

Your potential customers will certainly like to know the advantages of your product before they decide to make a purchase. The best way to do that is to ask them to try it and give their enthusiasm, comments, or feedback about it in their blog post.

All these can be done with linkup challenge by following these 3 simple steps:

         Organize a blogger challenge

         Ask your participants to use your product in a blog post they’ll submit in a linkup party (YOUR linkup party)

         Link their work with your product.

This example from Simon Says Stamp challenge can help you to make your linkup challenge prefect.


1. Link for the shop is visible in the challenge header

Linkup challenge to promote shop or product Inlinkz

2. The right message is implemented (while not forcing anyone to actually buy their products, they are kindly asking and show appreciation for people using it).


Linkup challenge to promote shop or product Inlinkz


3. To make their blog challenge even more interesting, they are organizing a giveaway.

(You can use the linkup tool to organize the giveaway too!!)


Linkup challenge Inlinkz


4. They are linking submitted work with the products people were using to make it.


Linkup challenge to promote shop or product Inlinkz


5. At their shop, they have added examples of their customers’ work, which can be done with their products.


Linkup challenge to promote shop or product Inlinkz

Picture of the product is appealing first, and below are examples of what can be done with it.


Linkup challenge to promote shop or product Inlinkz

One of the examples of what can be done with their product.

This is the best example of product display marketing. Actual people (and not demonstrators) who actually used the product with actual results!!!


Why it is good to promote your products through a blog challenge?

A blogging challenge can be an effective way to drive traffic to your shop, build prestige around your product and get all its advantages in front of interested shoppers.

However, here are the 3 most important things you’ll achieve with a linkup challenge.


1. Show the advantages of your product

If you ask participants to use your products in a linkup challenge, then you’ll get real purchases of the products. People who will participate are actually your target group – they are using this product category anyway. So why not to use an opportunity and persuade them that your product is better that your competitors’?


2. Show how your product can be used

By asking bloggers to actually try to create their works with your products, you’ll get many examples on how your product can be used.

This is a great asset, especially if someone is interested to buy it. There will be hundreds of usage examples of the products, which makes the products very valuable as it can be used for so many different designs/techniques.


3. Referrals

Those who take part in your shop’s blog challenge will feel great to be part of it. Of  course, this is something that has to be shared with their friends. This is how your shop will get more exposure, and your products will become known in a wider group.


The widget itself, offers social sharing options to aid in the process and cater for the “vanity factor” of each entrant and her desire to share her creation (with YOUR products) with the rest of her following.


Linkup challenge to promote shop or product Inlinkz


A linkup challenge is an easy and affordable way to get your shop and products in front of a lot of people. And what is more important, your products will be exposed to the right kind of people: potential customers. Since there are not many shops who are using this tool for improving their business, this is the right time to try it!

Remember: make sure the platform, the timing, the messaging, and the steps people have to take to enter your contest are easy and well thought out, to be able to get the best out of linkup challenge!

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