How to create a blog button for your blog party

You want your blog to be more visible? Of course you do! So, creating a blog button can be a great idea! There are million blogs out there, promoting similar content – a good blog button will help you to stand out from the crowd.


Check out now the free blog button tool InLinkz offers.


What is a blog button.

A blog button is a simple, unique hyperlinked image which you can use for blog parties. If someone clicks on it, it will lead to your website. So, it is actually a perfect advertising tool because it promotes your blog, and it does so, from inside someone else’s blog. Their readers get to see it!!! Awesome? Yes! Free traffic!

Of course, the more attractive your button looks, more people will be tempted to click on it. Also, if other bloggers are interested to promote your content or advertise your blog on their page, they can just grab your blog button and post it on their blog.


How to make a blog button

The most important thing about your blog button is to be attractive. And it is easy to do it yourself. Think of what will be the best picture to present what you are writing on your blog, search on the Internet to get some ideas and – you are ready to design your blog button on your own.

The blog button usually is square. The best size for your blog button which you can use for a blog party is 125px by 125px. If you want it to be slightly bigger they you can use these dimensions 150px to 150 px. Don’t make it too big as it won’t look good on a sidebar if someone chooses to place it there.

Follow these simple steps and do your blog button to impress!

Step 1

Design and create your blog button

To create and edit  your button you can use Canva– it is free and it has many additional options which can help you to achieve the best and most effective results. You can choose a background, add text or use filters for special effects.

There are several more editing platforms that you can use to create a blog button such as PicMonkey  or Ribbet , both easy to use, so it just depends on your preferences which of these 3 you will choose.

If you don’t have your own picture, you can use the free samples on Canva, or you can search for many free images sites available on Internet. Try google images or Pixabay, they have many interesting photos available for free use.


Creating a blog button in Canva

Go to Canva. On the homepage,  click on “Use custom  dimensions” Add dimensions 125 x 125 and start created.

blog button blog party

You can upload a picture you would like to use, or you can search for the available free options in Canva. If you are willing to spend $1, you’ll find variety of interesting photos.

blog button blog party

Create your blog button. Select photo or other elements you want to use to create your blog button and start making in on the right side board. It’s so easy – you can drag and drop elements and make a unique button. Everything depends on your creativity! Go wild!

When you are done, click download and save it to your computer.

blog button blog party


Step 2

Upload image to your server

When your blog button is done, the next step is to upload it. If you are using WordPress, you can just upload it to your Media folder. Do this by going to Dashboard –Media –Add New.

blog button blog party

To find its URL, go to Media – Library. Click on the image. In the widow, you’ll see the image URL on the right. Copy that URL. The whole URL won’t be visible, so make sure you copy the whole thing.

If you are using Blogger, then upload your picture in your Web Albums. When you upload the image, to find a URL right click on it and select Copy Image URL.


Step 3

Make Grab my Blog Button box code

InLinkz has now a quick tool to create your Grab My Button blog button, along with an optional “grab” code so you can place it on your blog WITH the code your readers need to replicate it on their own sites.


The tool is very simple to use and it only needs some input:

The "Create blog button" tool interface

The “Create blog button” tool interface


The website URL is your, well, blog. You can either put a link to your home page, or even better, if this is a themed button (e.g. for a linkup), point the link to the specific page you have the linkup!

The image URL is the address of your image on the Internet. You can pick this in two ways:

One, is to go to your website and right-click on the image. Then you can do “copy image URL”. That’s it

The other way is to find the image URL from your media manager on your wordpress backend (providing your blog runs on wordpress).

Make sure the image is on your own server/host. In any other case, the owner can remove, or even worse, change the picture and leave you hanging!!

You can also add a title to your button (not necessary) and if you specify the size, the tool will resize your image to your preference.

Including the grab code, will allow anyone to just pick the code and put it in her blog. If you do not want anyone to be able to link to you, do not include the code.


You are ready!. Just click on create. If there are any errors, you will be notified. If not , just grab the code and paste it on your blog post source:

Your blog button code is ready

Your blog button code is ready

Clicking the button will select all the code and copy it on your clipboard.

Just go to your blog post (or sidebar code) and paste the copied code. Done!

Things to note.

  1. The link to your blog is a “nofollow” link. This way, if the site where your button was placed, was not a good one, your own blog will not be getting whacked by google. You can always remove the nofollow property but do so at your own risk (or if you are sure the blogs that will be getting the button are relevant and not “scammy”)
  2. If you require backlinks from your InLinkz linkup contest entrants, having them placing your button in their blog, would provide a valid backlink. You get the additional feature that the backlink contains an image and is much more clickable than a simple text link.


Problems you may have during the process

If you are having problems with the blog button code, check your quotation marks. Each and every URL needs to have quotes before and after it.

If it doesn’t work, there might be a possibility that your copy-paste process fiddled with the quotes. Delete every quote (“) and re-type it one by one.  Be sure not to add any spaces or extra characters in the process.

Once it’s in your sidebar or blog post, other bloggers can simply copy all the code in the grab box and paste it into their website. Then, your blog button will be placed on their website and ready to be clicked!

Free traffic!!!!!

If you found this tool helpful, share it with your followers or grab the provided link to put it on your blog. Bloggers searching for a way to make a blog button will thank you!


Go create your button now!

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4 Responses to How to create a blog button for your blog party

  1. Rajan says:

    Thanks for sharing. But you are linking to Picmonkey above in “Go to Canva.”

  2. Thanks for this, have tried to do exactly as you say about using Canva etc and although the proof is perfect when I post onto blog it just shows up the button picture twice and no code????

    • Aris says:

      You can try putting it on a blank blog post to make sure there is no conflict with any code on your current blog

      If you still have trouble, just send us the code so we can check it out (info at inlinkz dot com)