How to add your links in a link party

A new link party has been announced and it is time for you to add a link.

Let’s see how you can do it with as few clicks as possible!

Before you get started, make sure you have read carefully the Terms & Conditions of the link party and follow the rules the host have set.

The link party is open. Add a link

Click on the +Add Link button to expand the link options:

Add a link through the blog tab

Add a link through the Blog tabThe Blog tab will be open by default. Add the URL of your link (A).

Add a link through the Blog tab

As soon as you press enter or click outside this field, all the images found in the URL will be displayed.

Pick the one you want to submit (B). Click on the three lines that show up on the top-right corner of the image, if you need to crop the image. Apply.

The title of your link will automatically be picked up but you can change it, if you want (C).

Enter your email address (D). Once you enter it the first time, it will always be auto-entered.

Note: Your email will be no visible to other guests.

Save your submission (E).

Add a link through the Upload tab

Add a link through the Upload tab

If the URL of your link doesn’t bring the desirable image, you can always upload an image directly from your computer.

Drag the image in (A)

Drag an image or paste the image URL

or past the exact URL of it (B).

Note: To copy the exact URL of the image, right click on the image and then select to “Copy image address”.

Share your link with your followers

Share your link with your followers

Once you submit a link, you can share it with your followers on your Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter account so to get them informed of the new share and invite them to visit your link.

Add from history

A history feature is also available to the new InLinkz that keeps the old entries, in case you want to add the same link in another blog as well. All the fields will be pre-filled but of course you can make changes, if necessary.

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